10 Best High-Tech Gadgets for Home and Garden

10 Best High-Tech Gadgets for Home and Garden

Have you been enjoying gardening for years, and do you need new gadgets to help you maintain your yard as flawless as ever? With technology constantly being on the rise, we’re seeing more gardening gadgets that make our everyday life hassle-free. With automatic mowers, garden cameras, and smart pots, maintaining the garden and growing plants will be easier than ever before. If you need new tech gadgets in your collection, check out our top 10 favorites.

Smart Parrot Pot

Have you always wanted a smart automatic watering system for your garden? How about the one that knows exactly how much water your plants need? The 21st century brought a fantastic gizmo to its collection of garden equipment and made watering plants much easier with a smart Parrot Pot. If you invest in a smart pot, you can have a whole month of peace of mind without having to think about watering your plants. It’s perfect for people spending long vacations away from home. The smart pot comes with a FreeFlight Jumping app allowing you to control the pot from your phone.

Automatic mower

Mowing the lawn and whole lots of grass in the backyard can wreak havoc on your back, arms, and legs. Pushing and pulling the mower is sometimes too strenuous for older people, so an automatic version that runs on its own can be a lifesaver. With an automatic mower, you’ll be able to maintain small or medium-sized lawns up to 0.4 acres. No cord and wires allow for the mower to freely roam around the backyard. Once the battery needs charging, the mower automatically goes back to the power station.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

If you’ve noticed a pest invasion in your garden and tried everything to repel them, but nothing worked, you’re in luck. We have found the perfect tech gadget that will repel all of those little menses and leave your garden pest-free. The Ultrasonic pest repeller will emit sounds that are unbearable for all those little creatures that used to love hanging out in your garden. All you’ll need to do is place the repeller in the area most affected by pests, and it will scare the critters away within seconds.

Garden Camera

If you’re worried about your garden’s safety, or you’d like to witness what goes on in the garden during the night, you need a video surveillance system. Investing in a motion sensor camera can be the perfect option that will allow you to get insight into everything that goes on outside while you’re asleep or away from home. A flashing red light will alert the potential intruders and make them reconsider the decision to invade your property.

Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Along with sunlight, watering is paramount for all crops. To reach all the crops without a hassle, you’ll need a long hose reel that will allow for a full range of motion. To make the entire watering activity less of a fuss, and avoid any tangles and twists, we suggest you invest in some of the best hose reels on the market. With Hoselink’s Retractable Garden Hose Reel, you’ll have a lovely hose storage solution that will keep your garden looking neat and tidy. The reel automatically rewinds on command, and it’s designed to stop anywhere, thanks to a locking mechanism that secures the hose at any length.

Digital Soil Tester

The quality of garden soil is crucial for gardening. Knowing the pH levels of the soil can be the difference between thriving plants or dying ones. That’s why you’ll need a smart garden gadget that measures pH, moisture, temperature, and sunlight at the same time. The digital tester will do wonders in seed germination and help you gather soil data before you plant new herbs.

Solar Wind-Up Radio

​When you’re gardening you could probably use a little bit of background music. If your radio is too far away for you to hear it outside, a solar radio will be a great gadget to help you unwind while enjoying gardening. It requires no connection to mains electricity. You can power it by its inbuilt solar panels or by turning the handle. Take it with you on picnics and always have it by your side when working around the garden to enjoy every minute of it.

Digital Weather Station


Keeping a check on the weather is paramount to growing crops. That’s why a digital weather station is perfect for any gardener who wants to stay in the know without having to trust the tv weather forecast. You can be your own meteorologist with a digital weather station that will allow you to monitor weather conditions both inside and out, thanks to its three sensors. ​This gizmo measures and displays air pressure, temperature, humidity, sunrise times, and moon cycles.

Cordless Pole Saw

A rechargeable battery-powered G-Max pole saw will allow you to work around the garden while going green. Thanks to its cordless design, branching will be easier than ever before. With an eight-inch bar and chain, you’ll reach any branch you need to trim. The lithium-ion battery won’t require reprogramming, but it will retain memory after power is depleted. You can extend a collapsible shaft from five to eight feet to reach various trimming heights.

Inflatable Movie Screen

When you’re done with all the gardening, and you want to unwind in the backyard, why not throw a movie night under the stars? Get an inflatable movie screen, grab a projector and have a relaxing family night under the clear skies. Perfect for warm summer nights when you can’t be bothered going out with friends but still want to enjoy some freshness when the sun comes down.

Final thoughts

Gardening has never been easier than in modern times. Thanks to all of the previously listed tech gadgets, you’ll be able to maintain the garden and relax after you’re done with all the work. Choose some of the gizmos from our list and make future gardening endeavors hassle-free and pure enjoyment. 

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