5 keys to choose a smartwatch

5 keys to choose a smartwatch

Smartwatch or smart watches are an increasingly viable option among the most devoted consumers of new technologies, and in the last years 2017 and 2018 the increase in sales of this class of products has increased exponentially, that is why according to Mobvoi It is advisable to know what the main characteristics should be in which we should look at when purchasing one of these devices.

5 keys to choosing a smartwatch

1. Battery:

For such a device it is essential to find a balance between the device’s functionalities and battery life. The most advisable thing is to think in advance about what exactly we are going to use the device for and look for one that meets these conditions and has a battery with the greatest possible autonomy.

2. Resistance: 

Unlike a smartphone, you cannot protect your smart watch with a protective cover or screen, and that is why the most recommended thing if we refer to the resistance of the device is to look for one that uses quality materials such as steel , which provides protection and therefore durability to the device.

3. Functionality:

of course, the more functions the device has, the more performance it can give it and therefore the better it is, but you have to find a balance with the durability of its battery and make sure that it has somewhat more advanced functions apart from the classic ones. which are the applications for sports or GPS location, it is very useful that the watch has a music player, which allows you to answer calls, download applications and even mobile payment through NFC.

4. Technical characteristics:

without a doubt, for the entire system of our watch to work correctly, it is essential that it has decent technical characteristics, as well as a quality operating system, a powerful processor, a reasonable minimum of storage and compatibility with both Android and iOS. .

5. Design:

being devices for everyday use and something that we will always wear, they must be faithful to our style and have an innovative, attractive and, above all, functional design, which is why it has interchangeable straps, for example, is a point positive since it allows us to adapt the watch to each occasion.


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