5 of Most Remarkable Inventions

5 of Most Remarkable Inventions

Nowadays, we all are surrounded by technology as we have noticed the importance of technology in our life. Technology has changed our way of living as it has strongly impacted and affected us. Technology serves us with a lot of different purposes on a daily basis since they help us in doing all our work whether it is personal life or business. Moreover, it is true that technology has made our world function more efficiently and effectively, increasing its level of productivity. Look at all those computers and Ipads we all are using in our classroom, technology is helping us in the school education system. Not just that, the phones that we are using have improved communication, making it easier for us to communicate with other people. There are many more examples, so here are some remarkable inventions and technological advancements in 2019:

1. An ECG that you can wear on your wrist:

Due to the advancement of technology, people now can easily monitor their hearts continuously by just wearing this wearable device. The device is called “ECG-enabled smartwatches’’. This device is different from a fitness tracker. A fitness tracker is not a serious medical device as it tends to be inaccurate in reading your pulse especially when you are doing a high-intensity workout. Meanwhile, an electrocardiogram is really a medical device that is used by doctors to diagnose abnormalities of their patients before they cause a heart attack or stroke. Heart attack and stroke are very serious and dangerous conditions, a lot of people suffer from this. This ECG device that you can wear on your wrist is a life-saver and it is very handy, as it might be difficult for some people to go to their nearest clinic or hospital to take this particular test on time. This device could really save lives and is considered a Life Hacks! Moreover, this device has the ability to detect atrial fibrillation which is a condition in which you are having an abnormal heart rhythm. Additionally, this condition is also caused by blood clotting that may, therefore, lead to stroke.

2. The cow-free burger:

With the purpose of saving our world and environment from devastation, both lab-grown and plant-based alternatives of real meat with very similar taste and nutritional values are created. It has been expected by the UN that our world is going to be having 9.8 billion people in 2050. And since people are getting richer, they are going to be consuming more meat. Besides, it has also been predicted that humans will consume about 70% more meat compared to the consumption of meat in 2005. Truthfully, raising animals for human consumption is one of the worst things that will damage our environment. Since people are not going to stop liking meat in the meantime, therefore, the only way in minimizing the destruction and damage to our world is by manufacturing these lab-grown and also plant-based alternatives.

3. Customized cancer vaccines:

This treatment using personalized cancer vaccines encourages our body’s natural defenses to destroy cancer cells in our body by just identifying unique mutations for every tumor.  If this treatment works as planned, this could actually cure many types of cancers as it triggers the immune system of a person in identifying the tumor through its unique mutations. Using vaccines in this treatment allows your body’s natural defenses to specifically destroy tumor cells, limiting and minimizing the damage to the healthy cells, unlike the conventional chemo-therapies that we all know. The immune cells that are attacking can also be aware of discovering any stray cancer cells after the early treatment.

4. Robot dexterity:

Robots are now teaching themselves how to deal with the physical world. Even though a lot of machines have taken a lot of jobs from humans, truthfully, industrial robots are still not very flexible yet clumsy. Robots are going to help humans. As once it has the ability in dealing with the messiness of the real world, they are able to do more tasks assigned by humans helping them in their everyday life. A robot is incredible as it could pick up a component repeatedly without the feeling of being bored or tired, and they are able to do it with amazing precision. But then, when it comes to moving the object half an inch or replacing it with something that is slightly different, the machine inside the robot will miss and fumble which is considered a failure.

5. Carbon dioxide catcher:

This is a very important innovation as it helps in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which might be the last way in stopping horrific climate change. This is also a very practical and affordable method in capturing the carbon dioxide from the air soaking up more of the greenhouse-gas emissions in order to prevent warming which is the dangerous rise in the temperatures.

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