5 ways IoT helps reinvent your business

5 ways IoT helps reinvent your business

The contributions that the Internet of Things(IoT) offers to businesses of all kinds are aimed at improving their operation and increasing their profitability.

In the beginning, it was a connectivity that gave the Internet of Things (IoT) its technological identity, it was about creating links between objects and the Internet through the Cloud to cause a Multi-communication that had certainly never shown such efficiency and speed before. ; but then this technology became –and we are in that process– an unavoidable business need, regardless of the size or line of business.


  • The use of IoT by companies is currently an unavoidable necessity that allows a business to reinvent itself from a technological point of view.
  • One of the ways in which IoT reinvents an SME is by improving the customer experience, as well as optimizing its logistics and the maintenance of its equipment.

So today IoT technology is at a stage in which its contributions are being applied particularly in businesses – more than in other types of spaces such as homes and even public spaces – that cannot stop using the multiple options that offers this technology.

In particular, for an SME, IoT is the technological opportunity to redesign a business project, technologically reinvent itself and create a business based on the use of cutting-edge technology.

Let’s look at five ways the Internet of Things can achieve this:

1.- Customer experience in a retail store

In a retail store, the use of IoT allows establishing an interactive relationship with customers, obtaining real-time information on how many enter and leave the store, the sections of the store they visit, the merchandise that interests them;

When a customer enters the store and has a cell phone or a smartwatch that is connected to the Internet, it is possible to identify him and establish a one-to-one relationship with him , sending information to his device about the products that interest him, as well as discounts, offers and personalized promotions, all while you are inside the store.

This personalized relationship is possible thanks to the information obtained from the customer through their devices and to sensors of this technology that are strategically placed in the retail space.

2.- Predictive maintenance

Traditionally, the maintenance of a company’s equipment and machinery is carried out both at the time it is necessary to repair or replace parts or breakdowns, and by carrying out scheduled revisions of the machines.

The introduction of IoT in this process transforms this maintenance modality, because its devices make it possible to constantly monitor the conditions of a machine in real time, without the need for periodic reviews.

With the use of IoT, industrial maintenance becomes predictive, that is, it anticipates and alerts possible failures thanks to the constant monitoring of a company’s equipment, which allows significant savings in various costs.

3.- Inventories and smart logistics

A company that needs to store products and transport them for distribution can use IoT sensors to know in real time and remotely the status of the goods on the shelves, their location in the warehouse and can even be helped by robots to transport them automatically the orders.

Regarding the transportation of goods, the Internet of Things allows tracking their conditions –which is completely necessary in the transportation of perishable products– to know in real time if they are complying with the protocols that guarantee their quality; In the event of irregularities, IoT automatically sends an alert to a control center where action will be taken on the matter.

4.- Internet of Things in medicine

In the health sector, IoT sensors placed in different parts of people’s bodies allow their health status to be monitored, in particular the condition of any body organ that shows symptoms of irregularity. IoT can also monitor any disease that has already been declared, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. With this, it is possible to have real-time information on the status of the disease and thus diagnose and predict irregularities.

5.- The perfect marriage: IoT and Big Data

IoT is an endless source of data that requires other smart technologies to make its abundance of information productive and profitable.

In this way, Big Data is the appropriate instrument for, in addition to accumulating enormous amounts of data, these are classified, refined and processed.

In the application of predictive maintenance, logistics and disease diagnosis and prediction, among others, IoT and Big Data work side by side to obtain the best results.


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