If you want to buy a pen drive, then this post can be very beneficial for you, as through this post I am going to share with you 5 best actionable tips to selecting the best pen drive in India in 2020.

We all know that there are many brands of pen drives available in the market at the moment, out of which only 10 or  20 percentages are good pen drives, due to which it can be difficult for you to choose the best pen drive.

But you don’t have to worry,  you can surely find the best pen drive according to you, because you are in the right place, just implement the tips given in this article.

I guarantee that if you apply the rules shared in this post when purchasing a pen drive, you will definitely find an excellent type of pen drive.

So let’s go without wasting valuable time discussing the tips that I explained in this post, which you should pay consideration when buying a pen drive.

1. Price

You know that you can buy a high-performance Pendrive if you have a reasonable budget, so you should pay attention to the budget before choosing a pen drive.

 If your budget is not good, you can still find a better quality pen drive, but you have to compromise with some essential features such as high storage capacity, privacy protection features, etc.

Therefore, if you have a low budget, then increase your budget slightly and buy good quality pen drives that have all kinds of features such as high storage capacity, multi-connectivity option and privacy protection features.

Besides, if you want to buy a pen drive to store music, videos, etc, it would be better for you to go for a low budget pen drive, other than that, if you are looking at a pen drive for official use and commercial purpose then you Invest a little more and select a super quality pen drive, which allows you to run it for an extended period without any hassle.

2. Storage Capacity

If the pen drive has more storage capacity, then you can take advantage of store more video, music and files, so you should select a pen drive which has more storage capacity.

But you have to invest a little bit more if you want to buy a high storage capacity pen drive, so if you want to invest little money from your saving account then go to buy a high storage capacity pen drive.

In my opinion, you have to choose a pen drive that has a storage capacity of over 8Gb, because if you buy a high storage space pen drive, you don’t have to buy another pen drive in the future.

On the other hand, if you buy a pen drive with less storage capacity due to the money problem, you may have to buy another pen drive in the future, so it should be good for you to go for a higher storage capacity pen drive.

3. Transfer speed

While buying a pen drive, you also need to check how much data transfer speed is there in the pen drive you are going to select, if the pen drive has good transfer speed, then go for it otherwise any other pen drive Select which has higher data transfer speed.

If the pen drive has a good data transfer speed, then it will take very little time to store your data in the pen drive, due to which you can transfer more videos or files from your computer to the pen drive in a very short time.

4. Size of the Pendrive

You know that pen drives are usually very light and tiny, so the size of a pen drive doesn’t matter that much, but still, you should check its size when purchasing a pen drive.

In my opinion, you should choose a pen drive that is not too small or large, so that it can be comfortable to use or takes anywhere.

5. Privacy Protection

In particular, some of the pen drives have the process of software installation to privacy protection, with the help of this software you can protect your all personal data by setting the password in the pen drive.

6. Warranty

Typically, every pen drive is given one or two years of warranty support, so you can trust the manufacturer of that pen drive. With the help of this warranty support, you can easily replace it if you notice any defect in the pen drive.

Therefore you have to select a pen drive with has more than one year of warranty support facility, which help you to replace it in future.

7. Connector

When purchasing a pen drive, you should also check how many connectors are in the pen drive, if the pen drive has more than one connector then it may prove to be one of the best pen drives.

If the pen drive has one or two USB connectors, then you can conveniently connect it with all types of computer, smartphone, tablet and other devices.

8. Brand

The brand also has a huge contribution in providing a high-quality performance of pen drives, so you should choose a pen drive manufactured by a brand that is quite popular.

There are many varieties of pen drive manufacturers available in the Indian market such as SanDisk, HP and Kingston. If you buy a pen drive from a trustable brand, then you can manage to use it for a long time without any trouble.

9. Auto Backup mode

Usually, some pen drive has the facility of auto backup mode, that help you to effortlessly restore the accidentally deleted videos or file, besides, this feature very beneficial for a smartphone user, as it automatically back up all data from your smartphone.

Besides, with the help of this auto-backup feature, you can clear up your smartphone’s storage by storing all the data from your smartphone in a pen drive.

Final Words

We are confident that with the help of this valuable article you will surely be able to find a fabulous pen drive as per your requirement, if you are still finding it difficult to find a better quality pen drive, please let us know by commenting and we will  definitely help you to find the excellent quality pen drive.

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