Alexa or Siri: Which One is a Better Choice for Smart Indian Homes?

Alexa or Siri: Which One is a Better Choice for Smart Indian Homes?

Smart homes are becoming a norm these days with more and more numbers of people opting for smart gadgets. Voice assistants and the Internet of Things or IoT are some of the popular choices these days in this area. Smart voice assistants connect with your digital devices using an internet connection and help you operate them without having to do so manually. There is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to smart voice assistants. However, Alexa and Siri top the trends in the domestic market. Another commendable choice in this regard is the Google Home Assistant, which is also gaining a large number of positive reviews.

Are you also getting started with the voice assistant and can’t figure out which one to use? Are you confused by the market trends and find it hard to comprehend technical reviews?

If the answer is yes, please, worry not! We are helping you find the best one by offering the digs of both Siri and Alexa for different tasks. And, to make the entire discussion even more worthy of your time and attention, we offer a smart way to save money while buying an assistant for your home. Using smart money-saving options such as Paytm Mall Promo Code, you can avail of the best discounts and deals on voice assistants.

Now, let us proceed with our comparison between the two most popular voice assistants – Alexa and Siri.

Find out how they respond to different commands and choose the best voice assistant for you.

Siri and Alexa – The Basics

Siri is a built-in voice assistant that is working and living on the device itself. It actually searches for the phrases and is impeccable at controlling the device, its settings, and fetching standard forms of answers for general queries. Further, you don’t even have to unlock the phone to give a command to Siri. Simply say – ‘Hey Siri’ and the assistant wakes up!

Alexa resides like an app on your device and works the best with Android OS. Though the voice assistant works excellently in accomplishing the generic searches, it lags behind Siri. The major reason for this is the fact that Siri has been developed from scratch and designed especially as a voice assistant.

Stats Speak

As per a recent test conducted by an investor analyst firm, Siri scored 75%, and Alexa scored around 73% in finding answers to 800 questions ranging from simple to complicated and easy to complex. So, you can make a choice depending on the types of instructions you will be mostly giving to the assistant. We recommend keeping your requirements and product quality in mind rather than price. This way, you will not have to compromise with the quality of the product or service.

Foreign Language Commands:


If you give a command in some foreign language, Alexa is not able to provide you with an answer or perform the required task.

However, in such a situation, Siri will pass on the command to Wolfram Alpha and search for the answers.

Web-Based Answers

Alexa can fetch almost all kinds of answers based on internet searches. However, Siri offers the best answer along with the second-best answer as well.

However, when it comes to trivia and comprehension, Alexa scores better than Siri. In fact, the developers of Siri themselves have mentioned that Siri has not been developed for answering trivia.

Also, when it comes to rephrasing and ‘speak again’ Alexa doesn’t give you a hard time and performs well. Siri, however, lags behind in this regard.


If you have subscriptions to the paid music services of Apple and Amazon, you can seamlessly enjoy unlimited music on your phone using both Alexa and Siri.

However, Alexa does better than Siri while playing music without subscriptions as it supports more music platforms, including Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, Deezer, TuneIn, etc. However, both of them are not able to play YouTube Music without subscriptions. Podcasts are still quite an issue for Alexa while Siri aces this scenario.

Home Entertainment:

Alexa can perfectly work with the Amazon TV, Fire Stick, and Fire TV Edition. So, from ‘turn-on’ ‘turn-off’ commands to selecting videos and playing them, Alexa aces the home entertainment test.

Siri has limitations to the HomePod, Apple TV, and AirPlay Speakers. The recent updates have certainly made the entire situation better. However, Siri lags behind Alexa in this case.

Searching for Restaurants and Ordering Food:

Both Siri and Alexa can suggest restaurants based on the cuisine and offer to make a call to the restaurants for booking tables.

The third Popular Choice – Google:

Going by the market stats, Google’s assistant is also going well with an outstanding performance in regional markets. Its ability to work perfectly with indigenous Indian languages and accents makes it a better choice amongst the three. Further, many people find Google better because of being already familiar with its features and functioning in daily life. So, it is yet another commendable choice.

The Verdict

With the ‘Skills’ feature Alexa is better than Siri, as it can be customized endlessly by third parties. Otherwise, Siri still stays more helpful and versatile, especially if you only use Apple devices.

This brings us to the end of our discussion on comparing Alexa and Siri. We hope that the above review helps you make a better choice depending on the activities you perform the most with your device.

Once you have made your decision, place your orders using Paytm Mall Promo Code to make decent savings on your purchase. Once you start using the device, please share your feedback and experiences with us in the comment section. Also, tell us whether the information mentioned above helped you make a better and more informed decision or not.

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