7 Key Aspects of An Award-Winning Design for Your Website

7 Key Aspects of An Award-Winning Design for Your Website

The importance of a website is not unknown to the entrepreneurs of today. The important part is to understand how to make it work for you. A website could win several awards for its design, but until it is useful for you in generating business and for your customers in providing relevant information and ease of browsing, it cannot be considered rewarding. 

What your web design company in Mumbai needs to focus on for an award-winning website are the key aspects of design, functionality, and user experience. Once those are taken care of, you are on the way to getting there. How they take care of these aspects is what makes your website different from the others.

Quick Impact

Your website has only a few seconds to impress before a judgment is passed on its quality and value by the customer. The elements have to work with each other with precision and harmony to create the desired impact. When the elements described below are fitted perfectly, the users feel involved and feel like spending time browsing. If not, the visitors move on to the next available competition.


The first aspect is that of simplicity, which does not mean being basic. There have to be all the necessary requirements presented to the user in an easy-to-understand and straightforward manner. A minimalistic design holds a lot of appeal for the consumers. Hence, the website design company in Mumbai will have to showcase its creativity to impress the user by telling them exactly what they need to know – no more, no less. 


The appearance of a website is crucial when you want to create a positive impact on the consumer and encourage them to explore. The first of these is the color scheme. This should be selected carefully as it has to represent your brand and appeal to your consumer. The second is readability. It is important that the font size and style selected are easy to read and not out of place in the overall setting. Your designer will need to customize creatively to get both aspects right with the right use of space. 

Reflection of Values

Your website should be able to communicate what it stands for without becoming verbose. The images and graphics should speak volumes with a brief introduction. This is specifically important to demonstrate the impact of the landing page as that is your first contact point with the consumer. That said, you must optimize the use of these tools as heavy images could impact the loading time of your website, which does not go down well with consumers.

The Right Mix of Information

The requirements are different based on the kind of business you run and the kind of consumers you address. You must always keep the consumers in mind and understand what information about your business would be relevant to them. If you are into e-commerce, how you display your products is the most important, but if you are a B2B brand, your consumer will need to know your experience, your core competencies, and the team that makes it all happen. 

Conversion Factors

For a customer to convert, the website needs to guide him through the process through the relevant CTAs at every step. Else, the information is likely to be irrelevant to the consumer. This is especially true for a website offering a service entirely through the website, such as e-commerce and travel websites for booking flights and hotels. CTAs that are clear and concise can be made better for the target consumers through the creativity of the designer.


A website where the consumer cannot find the right information/product easily is not likely to keep him hooked. A well-designed website must have navigation that is easily understood by the users and lets them find the stuff with the help of menus and sub-menus. A search function becomes very relevant when there are a lot of options but the need is specific. When they need help, they must have someone to turn to. A live chat and contact information are helpful in such scenarios.

These aspects should be enough for your designers at the website designing company in India to start off. With their creativity and consistency, they should be able to get you the rewards and awards for a well-designed and responsive website.

Pavan Kumar

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