Benefits of LED Strip Lights in Commercial Spaces

Benefits of LED Strip Lights in Commercial Spaces

Anyone who is interested in providing their company with a safer working environment or saving resources should take note of the benefits that are provided by the use of LED strip lights within commercial spaces. 

LED strip lights are a lighting solution that is perfect for a multitude of commercial applications including the manufacturing of lighting to lighting office spaces. 

One of the major benefits provided by the use of LED strip lights in commercial spaces is cost savings. Reducing cost in any area is one method businesses use to increase their profit, 

Making use of LED fixtures is an effective money-saving strategy for businesses because the cost savings potential ranges from reducing energy usage and maintenance costs to the reduction of waste. 

LED strip lights are also a very efficient form of technology, which results in energy bill savings for businesses. 

Although the bulbs used for LED strip lights are more expensive than is the case with their fluorescent or halogen counterparts, they are much longer-lasting, which ultimately results in yet more savings, with less needing to be spent on maintenance and no need to pay for a replacement for many years. 

A business will also be able to save in terms of both the hours of labor and the manpower that is required for changing bulbs. 

LEDs are up to 80% more energy-efficient than standard incandescent bulbs and 65% more energy-efficient than is the case with halogen bulbs according to US Department and Energy statistics. 

Standard incandescent bulbs actually produce just 10% of the energy that they use in the production of visible light, with the remaining 90% being emitted as heat.  

Likewise, halogen fixtures actually use just 50% of the energy consumed on the creation of visible light, with 80% wasted in the form of heat. 

In contrast, 80% of the energy used by LED strip lights is actually used in the production of light, with heat accounting for just 20%, which will also result in far less air conditioning, making LED significantly different from the other two technologies. 

For commercial spaces that want to use lighting to enable longer working hours or the safety and security of a facility, this makes LED lighting the superior choice, resulting in millions of dollars in savings per annum. 

LED strip lights also provide a much safer and healthier form of lighting. Fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury that people could be exposed to in the event of breakage, and while there is little risk in a brief exposure over time behavioral and neurological disorders could result. 

This is not the case with LED lighting, which is safe for both human beings and the environment due to the fact that contains no mercury or carbon dioxide. 

LED lights are also highly versatile, able to be used in almost any kind of commercial space including in the office, the art display room, the parking lot, and more. 

These are just some of the benefits of using LED strip lights in commercial spaces. 

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