What are the benefits of using cmovies?

What are the benefits of using cmovies?

What the heck is cmovies?

Cmovies is a free movie streaming service that lets you watch HD premium quality hand-picked movies for free of cost. It is such a relief to your pocket that has been under peer pressure as an after effect of your taking subscriptions to multiple streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and more.

And what are the benefits of using cmovies? 

First thing that comes to mind while discussing the benefits of cmovies is its being free of cost. That means you get almost all of the movie content that Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, HBO Max, Disney Plus and all other streaming services have in one place for you to download or watch using their online streaming services. No more wasting money on paid streaming services. That is one of the huge benefits of using cmovies

Top five streaming services that cmovies defeat easily:

  1. Netflix

Netflix is the world’s biggest streaming service that almost has its presence everywhere around the globe. Given that it still doesn’t have all the movies in its gargantuan database. Cmovies has the movies in its database that Netflix lacks.

  1. Amazon Prime Videos

Under Jeff Bezos’ administration Amazon cached up with Netflix in terms of content and networks real quick. But then again Amazon prime videos also lacks the movies that are available in cmovies database.

  1. Hulu

Hulu is another streaming giant with its presence in multiple countries with an amazing movie and other content collection but still it lacks the largeness to catch up with cmovies.

  1. Vudu

Vudu is also in this list of giants with a good range of movies and TV. Vudu offers a trial period of 7 days after which it will charge 8$ per month.

  1. Disney Plus

Disney Plus is also a giant of a streaming service that has all the Marvel movies in its platform alongside the original contents and other contents regarding movies and TV and webseries. It is also chargeable. And the funny thing is that you’d find almost all of its content free of cost in cmovies.

How do cmovies work?

Cmovies is an illegal site that provides you copyright protected cinema without any cost. It has thousands of movies and TV in its database for you to choose from them.

How to use cmovies?

You know now what is cmovies and what amount of joy it can bring to your mundane weekends or holiday afternoons. The process of using cmovies is really easy.

1. Download VPN

As it is an illegal site, it is banned in many countries because of its free providing’s of copyright protected cinema. Because of that reason you need a VPN to get access to the website.

Now what is a VPN you may ask. VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Privaterivate Network. It hides your device’s IP address and helps you tap into another country’s server. At the end the banned websites in your country will be open for you to access.

2. Login to the site

Now that you have access to cmovies, all you have to do is login to their website and if you’re new to this then you have to register with your email ID and create a password for your profile.

3. Type in the Search bar

Now choose the movies you want to watch from their large collection of movies and TV. They have featured movies, which are very popular, on their homepage so you don’t even have to search for them. You can readily avail them with one tap on the screen


But if you want to search for a good movie or TV that you were longing to watch, in that case they have sorted the whole collection very neatly to reduce your dilemma.

Final thoughts:

c movies

From an overall viewpoint cmovies is a money saver that allows to watch any movie or TV series anywhere anytime without any limitations on number of devices and without any time restriction that other paid services put on the rented films on their platform. You can easily download movies for later watch whether it is a beer weekend of binge watch or a date night at home with your loved one. Cmovies will be there to bring happiness to your life. That is one of the ultimate benefits of using cmovies.

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