How to Boost Your Online Presence With Video Content

How to Boost Your Online Presence With Video Content

Video content has become one of the most effective and engaging kinds of content these days. When we browse through our social media platforms, there’s a high proportion of posts that are videos.

Your audience loves video content because they’re easy to digest and doesn’t take much effort to understand. Articles with long blocks of text require a lot of reading. With a video, you’re presenting your message in a form that most people prefer.

Many brands are picking up this method since it has shown exponential growth in their business. The demand for video is significant enough for brands to have increased their use of videos in their content. Last year, 63% of businesses used video as a marketing tool, a 66% increase from the previous year.

Videos can cost a hefty sum of money, and production isn’t exactly effortless. However, the investment in video content had proven to pay off in the long run. According to Wyzowl, 83% of businesses using video found that video was a good investment return. 

The use of video content also increased organic traffic, consumer understanding of products or services, and sales. Due to this, it proves that video content is excellent for boosting a brand’s online presence. 

The use of video content in boosting your online presence can leave a lasting impression on your audience. Having a video on your site also amplifies your brand’s voice. Whether it’s on the landing page, your homepage, or a blog— it allows you to showcase your brand’s expertise and worth.

Having a video shows people that your brand is professional, and it’s a great way to efficiently tell your audience what you can do to help them. Instead of having them read an FAQ, using a video to get your point across might be better.

The only things you need are an inspiration, a piece of paper to jot down your ideas, and the good ole internet. Although it may take some research and work to craft great video content, it’s not impossible.

Before you begin, it’s important to know what kind of content you want to create. Are you looking to educate your audience on your products or services? Or do you want to introduce your brand to your audience? If you’re still wondering, it’s a good idea to look for references and examples. 

You don’t need a high production set or expensive tools to start today. There are various types of video content you can create right now. 

If you have some articles or guides on hand, you can actually repurpose this into a video and share it on various platforms. Videos are excellent investments because you can publish them on different platforms and reach different audiences.

Below, we list down five ways to boost your online presence with video content, from instructional videos to building a channel on Youtube.

Create instructional videos

A great way to start promoting your brand using video content is to create an instructional video. You can show your audience how to use your products or services. In the video, you can show the necessary steps of your product or service.

Keep in mind to keep it short and sweet. Most videos on social media platforms are quick, and no one wants to sit through a 5-minute instructional video.

Instructional videos are easy because you probably have some content on hand you can repurpose. They don’t just highlight your product or service but they also provide a fun and engaging way to connect with your audience. 

Videos are the most engaging form of content, and it has been proven to have a higher ROI than a static picture.

Turn your FAQ into a video

Do your visitors ask the same question over and over again? This is a common problem. Although you have a detailed FAQ on your site, it’s highly unlikely your visitors will read it thoroughly. 

Customer support is essential when it comes to brand management. However, answering the same questions over and over again can be tiring. So, what better way than to put your customer’s main concerns into a video?

A video will help get your points across, and your audience will most likely see it. You’ll be saving a lot of time and effort and focusing on more important issues. 

You can also include a how-to video or general FAQ that can help your customers troubleshoot any problems they run into. Putting it in a video format is bound to increase engagement and grab your audience’s attention than putting it in a long article.

Not to mention, seeing it in a video will help clear up a lot of confusion for those who have problems understanding written instructions. Some of us are visual learners and enjoy videos much more than reading text.

Product videos

Most people want to see a product or service in action. It shows why they need it and how it could help them in their day-to-day life. In fact, people spend up to 88% more time on sales pages with product videos than those with just pictures.

Having product videos or videos showing the use of your service in your content can significantly boost your online presence. The more realistic it is, the better. So, you can start creating some video content on how your product works, what benefits it has, and how your audience can use it.

Having a detailed video about your product or service also creates a sense of security for the viewer. It gives them more assurance about purchasing the product. Sometimes we tend to get confused with a product because we don’t know how to use it.

Another thing you can do is showcase multiple ways you can use your product or service. Doing so shows customers your product or service is a great investment and is worth the money.

Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are an excellent addition to your marketing plan. They help build trust behind your brand and increase credibility. Testimonials come in different forms. Most of them come in online reviews, articles, and so on. 

They build trust because they show actual people who have used your product or service. They’re not paid; hence they are much more credible. Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool in content marketing, and customer testimonials are one example of this.

Although these are great, you know what’s even better? 

Video testimonials. Unlike plain text, videos bring happy customers to life and give the viewer a better look at what people think of the brand. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can reach out to existing customers who have enjoyed your product or service and ask them if they’re interested in giving a video testimonial.

It also doesn’t need to be a high production video. You can upload the video on your platforms and website. Adding it to your Instagram story is also a great way to build trust from your followers organically.

Build a Youtube Channel

Videos can be intimidating, so many businesses are a bit hesitant to make their own. If you’re one of those businesses, the best thing you can do is start by building an audience on Youtube. 

You don’t have to be in front of the camera. In fact, you can curate existing content from leaders in your industry and provide informative and engaging content for your viewers. 

Several examples of these kinds of content include listicles, reviews, and whiteboard animation videos. 

As you start to gain traction from your content, you are building an audience, and you can use it to your advantage once you’re ready to create your own videos.

Final Thoughts

Boosting your online presence doesn’t have to be an impossible task. We tend to look at other businesses with excellent content and think we don’t have the same capability. Although videos can be on the expensive side, they are worth the effort.

If you’re a bit tight on budget, these five ways are excellent to help you get your foot in the door. You don’t have to create something entirely from scratch. You can repurpose existing content and create videos out of them to share. 

In this article, we only mentioned a few but the ideas are limitless. If you’re still wondering what kind of videos to make, there are so many places you can look for inspiration. Platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, and Vimeo are just a few examples. 

Nowadays, it’s so much easier to find videos online since they’re widely recommended to help sites boost their online presence. You can even find some on your social media feed. As the demand for videos grows, social media platforms are beginning to embrace video content. In fact, they encourage their users to upload more videos.

Now that you have a general idea of using video content to boost your online presence, it’s time to give it a try. 

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