How Can You Use 485 Visas to PR

How Can You Use 485 Visas to PR

One needs to prepare well for the successful transition between the two visas – Graduate to Permanent work.

There are two kinds of visas one can apply for while moving to a Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 from their permanent visa and the other is mentioned below:-

1. Sponsored visas:

To get a sponsored visa for PR, one needs an employer who would agree to sponsor your stay in the country of Australia, which is entailed in the ENS (Employer Nomination Scheme), 186 or 187, of them.

2. Skilled Independent visas:

This type of visa would not require anyone to get sponsorship from an employer, but would still require them to pass skills assessment and point test. The visas included under this kind are those of 189,190 and 489.

Things to keep in mind while moving to a Sponsored visa from a Graduate 485 visa:-

  1. Finding an employer to sponsor one’s visa would be the first step. Becoming a standard business sponsor would be a need for the employer to be able to sponsor anyone. An employer can take help from an agent who helps with migration, for the said purpose.
  2. The person’s nature of work must be a match to any of those listed on the MLTSSL (Medium to Long Stay Strategic Skills List). One can take help from an agent who helps with migration to identify the best match of one’s occupation from that list.
  3. The visa is applied for has some requirements of work experience from the applicant that needs to be fulfilled. For instance, if an applicant is seeking under the Direct Entry stream, a Visa 186, and does not have any other work visa that is sponsored before, they will have to have a minimum work experience of 3 years in their line of work. This can be a difficult job if the person’s Graduate visa was of a lesser duration than 3 years. In case the requirement of work experience is not met, one can think of continuing to work with their existing employer to attain the requirements and apply for a Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa.

Prepare well:-

One needs to prepare well for the successful transition between the two visas – Graduate to Permanent work. Talking and working ahead with a migration agent would enable a person to maximize their chances of being eligible.

Student visa application:-

A short-term course can sometimes make a person eligible for PR. A GTE (Genuine temporary entrant) assessment is imperative for this kind of visa and therefore, the course one takes up for PR.

Improve your chances:-

If a person is granted the temporary graduate visa 485 or 476 visas, they must try and use it to have a chance at migrating to Australia. Points to be considered are:-

  1. Work experience and employer’s sponsorship
  2. Working in the Regional area for their visas

If you need any assistance and advice regarding this visa then Migration Agent Adelaide can give you guidance on the necessities, help you to finish and lodge the application for citizenship and manage the divisions in any sort of issue.

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