COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund launched by WHO, UN Foundation and relevant partners

COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund launched by WHO, UN Foundation and relevant partners

The United Nations Foundation, the Swiss Charity Foundation, and WHO jointly created the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Solidarity Response Fund to raise funds extensively to support the World Health Organization (WHO) and its partners to assist countries in responding to COVID -19 pandemic. The fund has a unique approach, mobilizing individuals, companies, and institutions around the world to contribute directly to global response efforts.

“We are at a critical moment in the global response to COVID-19. We need everyone to participate in this great cause of world security. We are very grateful for the help of the United Nations Foundation and the Swiss Charity Foundation. We set up this fund. Many people and agencies have recently expressed a desire to donate to fight the new coronavirus. Now they can donate to it. ”

When the fund was launched, it had received a lot of support, such as Facebook and Google having a funding plan for funds raised through their platforms. In addition, individuals are contributing to the fund through

Elizabeth Cousens, chairman, and chief executive officer of the United Nations Foundation, said, “It cannot be ignored that this is a truly global problem, and in the face of this problem, a truly global solution is needed. The reason for global cooperation is no clearer. It’s affected all over the world and people want to contribute. This new fund will provide opportunities for people around the world to fight the virus together. ”

Funds will be used for the actions listed in the COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan to prepare all countries, especially those most vulnerable and at risk, and those with the weakest health systems, to take measures and respond to COVID The -19 crisis includes rapid case detection, stopping the spread of the virus, and caring for affected people.

WHO and its partners are raising funds to provide protective equipment to frontline health workers, supply equipment to diagnostic laboratories, improve surveillance and data collection, establish and maintain intensive care units, strengthen supply chains, and accelerate vaccines and treatment R & D of tools and other key actions to expand public health measures in response to this pandemic.

The COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund is hosted by the United Nations Foundation (registered in the United States) and the Swiss Charity Foundation (registered in Switzerland). Both foundations have established relationships with the World Health Organization and are therefore able to effectively transfer funds to WHO to support WHO’s COVID-19 response.

In addition to making online donations through, donors around the world can also donate to the United Nations Foundation by check or wire transfer by contacting

All contributions to the United Nations Foundation and the Swiss Charity Foundation are tax-exempt to the extent permitted by law in the applicable countries (US and Switzerland). In addition, the Swiss Charitable Foundation works with the European Transnational Donation Network, where applicable, donors in other European countries can also enjoy preferential tax treatment.

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