How much do digital marketing agencies charge in India?

How much do digital marketing agencies charge in India?

Digital promotion is a wide field that involves various services such as SEO, SMO, PPC, SMM, Website Designing and more, hence you are charged on the basis of the range of services you take from these and which again depends on a number of facets based in your own organizations. Digital Marketing agencies typically charge their customers based on the variables such as: –

1. Essence of the Company:

what this means is whether you are a start-up or perhaps a well-established firm.

2. Popularity:

If an organization already has a strong client base and is well known to lots of people or is a start-up or even a small scale company or professional services supplier, then you must start digital promotion from the scrape.

3. Strategy Creating:

They bill on the basis of digital marketing or social media marketing strategies and decisions that should be made by these that assure you the most effective results.

4. Website:

It means whether your company or practice does or does not have an official website for your own. Otherwise, they will enable you to make one by choosing some charges depending on the website type s and its own hosting charges. This may be actually the very time-intensive and effort-worthy process that is ever done. If you want E-Commerce for your business, then it is likewise possible.

5. PPC, Google Advertising, Facebook Ads Strategies:

All services such as PPC, Google Advertising, Facebook Marketing, and more things such as this in SEO and SMM do require several charges, and dependent on the budget you place, your posts or websites are reached into the targeted crowd. You are able to place your own budget or the agency will guide you in this.

There are other factors as well but I would like to suggest everyone engage We Love Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd… This agency is really one of the most economical and best digital advertising agencies in India providing worldwide services. It is situated in Kolkata and has a considerable of services such as Search Engine Optimisation, Google Advertising, PPC Ads, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SMS Marketing, blogging, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, along with E-Commerce options, Website, and Graphics-designing and tons more. 

This bureau charges very affordable fees having its customers in comparison to the others, and also assures us with all the very best possible Returns on Investments alongside best potential results, for example, the high amount of sales, actual traffic and lots more.

In the majority of the circumstances, organizations hire digital marketing agencies which look after the tasks that are associated.

These bureaus have their very own digital advertising pricing structure regarding the digital marketing and advertising services they offer.

You might discover cheap to high-priced digital marketing and advertising packages structures also it is all your responsibility how you take things forward.

That is because cheap services do not always sub-standard expensive and quality doesn’t promise outstanding excellent output.

So, it’s wise to decide on a decent digital  India marketing and advertising budget. Finding a reduced price range might not help you obtain what you desire.

Digital marketing services in India can charge you whatever – their income usually ranges from 25 percent to 300 percent. And trust me, this could be the true scope in the place where they play.

I have read other replies for this question and I think they together provide an appropriate answer for the question. But just wanted to add”my bit” here.

  • Service urgency & requirement – You could be charged high or low depending on the professional services that you avail of and also the urgency. If you want something to be done asap, you will need to pay the price.
  • Dimensions & temperament of the client – the richer you’re, the more your spending capability. Even though all businesses possess a fragrance of prices/services to offer, they may charge you less or more in terms of services that are tailored.
  • Digital-marketing company’s reputation – In case you’re likely to Neil Patel, he’ll definitely charge you more than what I shall charge to my clients. Experienced professionals and companies can bill you longer however, you will get yourself a surety you are in the perfect hands.

Below is your price range that gives you a rough concept of digital marketing and advertising cost in India. This can be considered as an industry average that any good service will charge you personally, the rates could be reduced too depending on the competition –

  • Web Site hosting & design – INR 5000 into INR 2,00,000 per year
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization – INR 1000 into INR 10,000 a month
  • High-Level Search Engine Optimisation – INR 15,000 to INR 1,00,000 per month
  • Social-media Marketing & online reputation management – INR 5000 into INR 1,00,000 per account per month (accounts = Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Blog writing – INR 500 to INR 5000 for a 500 words site
  • Search engine Marketing Tactics – INR 5,000 to INR 50,000 per month due to installation, monitoring, re-targeting, and maintenance – advertisement expenses extra
  • Email Campaigns – INR 1000 into INR 20,000 per email design & installation – email support charges additional
  • Landing page installment – INR 3000 to INR 10,000 per Landing-page – hosting charges extra

Most listed are just several of the professional services that digital advertising businesses provide you with and they are able to customize it per your requirements.


Always take note before hiring a digital advertising company. Because Marketing Agencies at India are charging such as anything and make an effort to trap the client for unknown clauses and conditions having an attractive display of output. 

Consistently look after the written papers before signing and face to face meeting their reviews and offices too. Have that bureaus served to anybody previously and what was the feedback that they got. Did they complete the task on time and followed the guidelines as required?

I have been through many cases in India where agencies attempt to reveal more and deliver less than recorded. However, there are many good companies who deliver exactly the exact same as projected in time. Do not get trapped and Follow one’s businesses and get work done in a reliable manner. Beware from the cheaters.

Pavan Kumar

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