Digital Marketing Consultant: What to Do and How to Become

Digital Marketing Consultant: What to Do and How to Become

Being a digital marketing consultant is all about what the market wants today and in the future.

And just look at our recent past to understand. In recent decades, the way of consuming products has changed. You may have noticed that the internet and social networks have brought a much wider range of possibilities. And of course, I’m referring to the online environment.

In this context, there is a professional who is fundamental to the success of companies, the digital marketing consultant. If, until the late 1990s, the most common way to buy was physical, going to a store, from the 2000s onwards, online consumption has increased a lot, especially in the last 10 years.

For this, it is necessary to know how to make a product or service a real success on the internet, taking the solution to more people and allowing them to find it on the channels they visit the most.

That’s marketing these days. As the trend is that this sector continues to expand, the consultant is and will continue to be very important for the success of online sales. In this text, I will talk about characteristics of this professional and also the position.

You will understand what a digital marketing consultant is and what he does, how much he earns, how to become one and what are the most requested services for him.

Curious? So, follow me and I’ll tell you all about this profession!

What is a digital marketing consultant?

Well, for a company to attract more audience and sell more through its online content, through a website, it is necessary to create a strategy. Without planning, there is no way out.

And this is where the digital marketing consultant comes in .

You might even remember that SEO analysts or experts might be the audience-focused characters.

However, therein lies the difference: the digital marketing consultant is responsible not only for the increase in the number of hits.

He also appears behind everything that involves the presence of a business on the web and its online relationship with the public.

Then, it goes through the analysis of the entire digital marketing strategy of the company.

The professional evaluates and defines the digital marketing situations of a particular company and, based on statistics and market results, helps to develop a new action strategy – or even maintain the current one – to improve the business.

What does a digital marketing consultant do?

Now, you must be asking yourself: “but, after all, if the digital marketing consultant is linked to the marketing planning framework , what does he really do?”

Well, your assignments are many.

First, he must always be informed and have a great network of contacts, as it is networking that brings him closer to important partnerships.

In addition, it needs to be constantly aligned with digital and communication agencies, which often produce the content that will be published and managed on the company’s website.

The digital marketing consultant also frequently talks with IT and SEO professionals, press officers, public relations and vendors.

Only then will he be aware of what the market is asking for and what he believes is essential to present.

And one of the most important direct assignments is the presentation of market results through an effective methodology.

That is, through data and statistics, the consultant is responsible for indicating to the company that hires his services which is the best path to take in relation to marketing.

At the end of the day, the consultant is seen as a digital specialist and sells that expertise to the companies that hire him.

Another of its functions is the evaluation and the existence – or not – of products and services in search engines , such as Google.

In this way, he also analyzes the company ‘s communication channels on social media, which is very important to generate access and promote products.

With this, it observes which products generate sales and also the performance – positive or negative – of each solution in online customer reviews.

Thus, he has all the tools to guide the company on what needs to be done and what is the best path to take in terms of marketing strategy .

This means that the digital marketing consultant acts to indicate – and not execute – what the company’s professionals should do in relation to their service and marketing performance.

Companies need these professionals to know the right direction to take with regard to marketing, online sales, products and their business results.

In this sense, some of the jobs for which the digital marketing consultant is hired concern strategies for a greater number of online hits, because, with more hits, the tendency is for sales to grow.

How much does a digital marketing consultant make?

As in other professions, the digital marketing consultant also has salary gains defined according to their experiences.

According to , for example, a novice marketing consultant earns around R$2,600 per month, but over time, he can earn up to almost R$8,000.

According to the same website, the average salary is around R$ 4,000 in Brazil.

The Glassdoor website , on the other hand , points out that the average salary of digital marketing consultants is slightly above, in the range of R$ 4,400 per month.

The same portal indicates that a high average salary for an experienced professional can reach around R$9,000.

How to become a digital marketing consultant?

An open field, vast and full of opportunities.

With the world increasingly digitized, professions such as digital marketing consultants have gained more and more space.

I’m one of those professionals and now I’m going to go over a series of tips so that you too become an expert in digital marketing consulting .

Follow carefully!

Step 1: Become a digital marketing expert

To start becoming an expert in digital marketing, I would say that the first step is to read and research a lot about the profession and the attributions that are given to it.

It is therefore essential to study and familiarize yourself with the terms and tools that make up the consultant’s scope of work.

Search for courses and stay up to date with the world of digital advertising and search engines.

Step 2: Find a good mentor

Having a mentor means having the support of an experienced professional in the market, who performs or has already performed the role you want to occupy.

Therefore, he knows the shortcuts, difficulties, challenges and best practices in the digital marketing consulting activity .

And he knows all this also because he has been wrong many times – mistakes which he can now advise you not to make.

Do you see how important this support is?

So, don’t give up a good mentor.

But be careful to choose someone who really understands consulting in your field.

After all, there are many particularities involved.

Rest assured that someone more experienced will pass on valuable knowledge to you.

Step 3: Choose your niche

Is your idea to explore digital marketing through a website or blog?

Or plan a campaign?

Who knows social media ?

The truth is, it doesn’t matter where you want to specialize. Just specialize.

As we saw in the previous topic, digital marketing is present in different sectors of communication.

Pick a niche and move on!

Step 4: Get the first customer (you only need one now)

Every journey needs a first step.

And, therefore, the tip I give is that you should not think about having a card with several clients right from the start.

Take it easy.

Work hard to get your first client and then, yes, keep the momentum going until you get more.

The first client is the one who will dictate what you can develop, and this will generate a unique experience, rich in many ways, so that you continue to grow and, in this way, obtain new and lasting contracts.

Step 5: Create a blog (produce content and share your experience)

After you studied, started working in the area and got your first client, why not pass this knowledge on to other people?

One way to stay active and visible in the market is precisely by sharing the experiences you’ve been through.

This can be very valuable to many people looking for similar placement in the market.

I recommend a blog because this is a space that works really well for that.

It serves both to show your work and to add value to those who follow your content.

Step 6: Build a strong brand

The study, the research, the experience, the blog.

Well, you have everything in hand to move forward. Or almost.

You are already working and looking to expand your brand.

And, in addition to word-of -mouth marketing , your blog can be the ideal channel for that.

But keeping a blog up to date takes work.

You need to generate content.

The great advantage, however, is that maintaining a blog has a very low cost and, in terms of advertising, it can help a lot to make your brand reach people that you would not even imagine reaching.

It doesn’t matter which channels the audience finds you on.

Its mission is to associate everything with its own brand, which can be its own name.

Have an identity, a way you want to be known.

This will generate authority, respect, admiration and, why not, also new customers.

Step 7: Scale your business

With increased visibility, you build a strong relationship with your audience and can easily increase your customer base.

Maybe your consultancy can even become a reference, right?

Maybe it’s time to, who knows, leave the home office , rent a room, set up an office and even hire people.

Partners or even employees can be very welcome from the moment your intention is to expand your business.

What are the most requested services?

Next, I’ll show you three of the most important digital marketing consultant assignments.

Check out.

1. Business overview diagnosis

If a company wants to grow digitally, it needs to think of a way to expand the brand.

And the digital marketing consultant is the flagship of this task.

It is he who will research, evaluate, analyze, identify and report what needs to be put into practice – or recommend this – in a company’s online marketing strategy.

The marketing consultant is the engineer who will lay the groundwork for the edifice called marketing.

It is he who will define which and how the structures must be built in order for the planning to be sustained.

Then, companies hire a consultant for a complete diagnosis, identifying problems and pointing out solutions to them.

2. Use of experts in campaign creation

The digital marketing consultant is a professional who knows the environment in which he works.

He knows who the best people are to perform the right tasks.

From advertising agencies to content agencies and public relations, he knows his whereabouts and thus has the ability to indicate who are the best professionals to put the marketing work into practice.

3. Opinion from outside your company

Put your finger on the wound.

This is one of the functions of the digital marketing consultant.

Many companies avoid or prefer not to see what is actually happening with their marketing strategies.

Because the consultant will point out, without fear or beating around the bush, whoever hurts, independently, will point out what should be done so that the company’s online strategy starts to work better.

Does Digital Marketing Consultant Require College?

Being a digital marketing consultant does not require a higher academic education.

However, I insist that each and every investment in study is very important and will only increase your career possibilities .

But technology areas and technical sales courses can also be very valid.

Studying is good and you only have to win.


As we have seen in this text, there are a number of issues to be taken into account when training a consultant in digital marketing.

It seems obvious what I’m going to say, but start with the basics.

Thus, you will have passed through all the levels of knowledge when you reach a higher degree of experience.

Now let’s go! It’s time to start studying, researching and improving yourself!

How about starting by putting into practice the tips in this article?

And if you have any questions, just leave a comment.


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