Know Why Digital Unified Communication is Requisite to Business

Know Why Digital Unified Communication is Requisite to Business

Business uses both internal and external communication to work collaboratively and manage their human resources. Voice, video, instant messaging, email, etc are various modes of communication these days. Moreover, communication is a vital aspect if an enterprise wants to interact with its globally distributed teams. Again, you need communication to approach your employees, stakeholders, or customers.

However, multiple communication channels are challenging in terms of time, cost, and associated complexity. This led to the evolution of the concept of Unified Communication. Unified Communication is nothing but a single platform to integrate multiple communication channels. So, if organizations have a unified communication system, then they won’t require different tools to suffice their communication needs. Thus, they can save a considerable amount of time and resources to increase their profitability.

Types of Unified Communication System:

Unified communication is a cloud technology that integrates clients and their endpoints. We can also classify the Unified Communication System into three categories:

Cloud-based UC

The primary objective of every business is to excel in communication and collaboration. Cloud telephony is essential to promote growth, expand reach, and achieve business goals. Thus, cloud-based unified communication will enhance collaboration, productivity, and customer service of an organization.


Web RTC improves the efficiency of web browsers in voice and video endpoints without using any plug-in or application. Thus, you will get an easy-to-use interface for making calls from a relative app or web page. Apart from this, you will also get extensive features like video conferencing and telephony. In short, web RTC will offer peer-to-peer communication without using the UC platform

Video UC

Since we are talking about collaborative technology, we can’t ignore video. Not only small and medium enterprises but also large organizations use video conferencing as a communication tool. So, if you have an internet connection, then you can easily make HD video calls.

Benefits of Using Unified Communication to Work with Offshore Teams:

Constant digital transformation has diversified the technology and increased the scope of expansion. Let’s find out how unified communication will allow you to explore and embrace as many opportunities as possible.

1. Integrated Platform

Unified communication comes with a lot of functionalities for adding a modern touch to your business perspective. A traditional phone system is used to support result-oriented conversations and fruitful business communication.

However, the problem started with the emergence of multiple communication channels. Thus, an integrated platform is necessary to connect all devices in your organization. Hence you need unified communication for incorporating everything into a single business phone number.

The cloud phone system is an example of unified communication that accompanies numerous call optimization features effectively. Moreover, unified communication will save all your business information in a centralized location.

Thus, all client and caller information will be quickly accessible and readily available. In short, you can leverage the benefits of unified communication across all available devices.

2. Scalable Solution

Communication needs differ with the size of the business. As the business grows, communication needs multiply alongside. Unified communication allows you to select customized packages in order to meet your communication requirements. Moreover, you can also select those features which will be most advantageous for your business.

The availability of cloud technology avoids the requirement of additional hardware and modification of the existing technology. As the data moves through a single cloud-based server, it gets automatically updated. Hence, you won’t need an extra cost to maintain the condition of your business data.

3. Speed

Constant communication and fast response time determined the quality of customer service. Therefore, you need to cut down the time necessary for communicating with your clients and customers. Then only you will get extra time to focus on other aspects of your business. Unified communication saves your time as you can efficiently connect with your customers. It offers an additional advantage while connecting with your international clients. Finally, your sales agents will easily determine the right time to place a call to your clients.

4. Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration is the most striking factor for using digital unified communication. Here you will have video conferencing and video messaging to collaborate with your stakeholders 24*7. Thus, distance won’t be a barrier if your business has branches at several locations. Furthermore, you can easily build your business goodwill through instant communication.

Similarly, customers will be satisfied by getting an immediate response from your side. Therefore, unified communication saves travel costs and time spent commuting. Effective collaboration will be available both for the premises and the cloud system.

5. Improves Productivity

Unified communication is extremely powerful to improve business productivity. Moreover, it offers a comprehensive suite of cloud telephony to ensure consistent and hassle-free communication. Enterprises using unified communication have reported staying ahead of the competition.

An integrated platform reduces the number of services and software required. Neither you nor your employees have to navigate between different platforms for performing their work. So, unified communication creates a smooth workflow and streamlines business operations for higher productivity.

6. Secure Communication Channel

Unified communication does not use phone lines for converting audio signals into digital ones. Here you will make each and every call over an encrypted internet connection. Thus, it prevents the leakage of your business information to outsiders including competitors.

The same level of security will be available for texts, faxes, emails, and other forms of communication. Thus, you can safely communicate your business data over the phone and secure your business.

Make Your Next Move with Unified Communication

Unified communication is the best solution to adopt in this ever-changing landscape. As the workplace evolves, unified communication becomes more evident for organizations. It also gives room to work with people remotely. Some organizations have already started the integration of unified communication. Whereas, others are still left to use this system. However, your staff needs to understand the working process and integration of unified communication. So, offer a brief explanation of unified communication in the onboarding document of your offshore employees. Otherwise, the unified communication system won’t be effectively used to stimulate your organizational growth.

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