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Another case of a torrent site’s changing its URL:

Ofilmywap is an illegal torrent service that provides you with copyright-protected content such as film, TV serials, web series, and so on. Due to the harm, they cause to any media industry, the government and other legal bodies try to take the sites down for the protection of these copyrighted products that are only to be sold in the exchange for a currency from their audience. This unethical practice causes artists and producers to lose money all the products they created with their sweat and blood, hit the market without generating any revenue for them. As it hits their pockets, It affects their future productivity.

Ofilmywap and its unethically lucrative nature:

As It brings you the copyright-protected content for free of course you’ll find it more lucrative than other paid streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Disney Plus, HBO Max, and other streaming giants. Apart from the capitalistic nature, these streaming giants above mentioned, pay the artists and producers their fair share. Sites like Ofilmywap take shelter in the process of piracy and bring that content free for you, bypassing the process of paying for the product which could have generated revenue for the people involved in the creation of those products. How unethical is that? suppose you are creating a mug from the scratch. You go and shop for the materials needed for the creation and now you are putting your time and effort into the process of creating them. Would you not want to generate revenue from that product that caused you to expend your time and effort? Exactly! That’s where it is unethical.

How to use Ofilmywap:

Unlike most of the other torrent sites, ofilmywap is not banned on Indian soil, because of this use of a VPN is not required. If you don’t know what a VPN is then it is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. Now how does a virtual private network work?

VPN allows you to tap into another country’s server. This gives you access to the site that previously without VPN was inaccessible. There are many VPNs such as Windscribe Turbo VPN and others, which you can easily download from Google Play Store.

Why do people use sites like Ofilmywap?

With increasing uses of paid streaming services as mentioned before such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and others, a decline is being seen in the uses of torrent sites like this. But still, a large number of people use this kind of service. Due to mainly financial crisis or shallow pocket or even due to narrow mentality.

Take an example of India, Before these paid streaming services came to Indian soil, many Indians were not very familiar with the illegal nature of torrent sites. Torrent sites were seen as digital shops from where high-quality, HD movies can be gathered. It gave Indian people free access to a vast collection of international movies. This was huge, as there were no other services similar to this in that period of time. Sites like ofilmywap and other torrent services got popularity and the popularity got skyrocketed in coming times.

What is the psychology behind using such sites?

A large number of people, who uses sites like ofilmywap and other torrent sites, don’t consider it as cleaning because the definition of stealing they are familiar with is different than the process these sites take them through. Stealing is for them as taking someone belonging without telling them. But these sites appear as if they are providing them these copyright-protected products to them for free of cost.

Another group of people thinks that it doesn’t harm the industry if a few of the million products don’t generate any revenue. They think the capitalistic industries are so cheap that they cannot make it free for the people who don’t have enough money to buy the products even when they are admirers of the products.

mainly because of these two kinds of mindsets these torrent sites like ofilmywap are heavily in use and wreaking havoc in the media industry.

How to prevent people from using ofilmywap movie services?

The simplest and easiest of all seems like cutting the supply and the buyers will go away. But it is not that easy due to the nature of torrent sites in have no centralized database for that reason it cannot be eliminated fully from the world wide web. Whenever the government tries to ban the URL Torrent sites always come up with another new URL like became Thus this method is not very effective. The only way to tackle it is to handle it from the two psychological viewpoints that is mentioned above. There is no other way

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