Forecasts and trends for entrepreneurs and Startups in 2020

Forecasts and trends for entrepreneurs and Startups in 2020

It only took a few years for entrepreneurs to become the image of innovation and digital transformation thanks to their Startups. Entrepreneurship continues to grow and the most disruptive innovation and trends come from digital startups.

The DNA of the Entrepreneur study revealed that Hispanic entrepreneurs lead the innovation ranking.

These data confirm the good health of entrepreneurship in Spain and Latin America today.

Below we show you some of the trends for entrepreneurs and Startups in 2020 that will drive the growth of the sector.

Trends for Entrepreneurs and Startups in 2020

Deed Tech projects arrive

Tech and digital companies with a massive transformation purpose are using these innovations to change the world.

Radical solutions to solve the great problems of humanity as Tesla, Ecoalf, or Quantum School do.

These companies are researching to offer us unlimited energy, improvements to our “human goal” body, or unlimited free training in the future.

Stronger entrepreneurial projects with a global vision

Jesús Monleón, the founder of Seedrocket, explains to us that more and more global projects are being put together, with more well-rounded teams and quality training such as those he teaches at IEBS. This increases its attractiveness and the ability to be invertible due to its global nature.

Pascual Parada explains that in recent years “the entrepreneurial ecosystem has evolved towards a higher level of maturity, this can be seen in the fact that entrepreneurial projects are more polished in terms of the value proposition and are getting used to presenting themselves in partnership with homework done and some traction metrics.

Digital transformation in all sectors: proptech, legal tech, insurtech, edtech, etc.

Vicente Arias, CEO of Coverfy, tells us that there are already companies that are taking advantage of formal and also non-formal data from social networks to personalize and predict the future. They are automating processes in insurers. Using chatbots, for example, has been one of their best investments. The real estate sector, one of the sectors that until now remained oblivious to digital innovation, will also take off and be renewed. What will be next? Everything seems to indicate that the pharmaceutical sector is first in line and driving schools are behind.

Fintech in Iberoamerica

Markets with a low banking rate such as Mexico or Colombia are skipping the process by offering financing solutions to the market from fintech platforms. For example, Nubank is one of the few Latin Unicorns and is a fintech created in Colombia.

The cloud will grow in 2020

Accessibility and integration are gaining importance in the business world. The cloud enables many processes to be streamlined as it stores all the data in one place that can be accessed by any qualified employee. Therefore, it is a trend that you cannot miss if you want to start on the right foot.

Companies need soft skills

Soft skills prevail over hard skills. In the future where automation prevails, what matters are skills. The professional profiles that are most in-demand now are those who have some skills or what is known as Soft Skills, increasingly important for companies, who need agile, flexible, adaptable, creative people, capable of working in groups and collaborating in a network in a delocalized environment capable of solving problems and making decisions, that has critical thinking and offers solutions.

  • Creativity,
  • Collaboration,
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Critical thinking
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Resilience
  • Humanism
  • Empathy
  • Adaptability and ideas connector
  • Curiosad and Catalyst

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