5 Best geeky websites to update your knowledge and skills

5 Best geeky websites to update your knowledge and skills

Geeky websites are all over the internet, some of them talk about technology, some geeky websites talk about science. Millions of geeky websites are on the internet but a few stand out if you are looking for the best geeky websites I have listed a few of the best I have come across. Some of these geeky websites provide so much knowledge and information that you would increase your knowledge and skill. Some of the nerdy treats displayed on these geeky websites would make you one of the smartest in your group of friends.


Geekymint is a website made by geeks for geeks it has content from the latest news in technology, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and startup space. Geekymint reviews technology products and gadgets to a very detailed level. 

Some of the how-to articles are written even better than the industry standard. Geekymint is known for its reviews and how-to articles that make it one of the best geeky websites on the list.

The authors behind Geekymint are big anime and technology geeks that make them perfect to publish such articles.

The website is growing on a week-over-week basis which makes it my top picks on this list of best geeky websites.


Geekyranit is a blog by Ranjit who is a youtube that reviews technology products from smartphones, TV, speakers, earphone, and everything in that niche.

Ranjit is a YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers and his videos come with detailed information about the product. It’s not a blog with written content so if you are looking for written content then GeekyMint has to be the best pick on the list.

Ranjit has been publishing videos on youtube since 2011 which makes him a very credible reviewer.

How-to Geek

How to geek is one of the biggest and oldest geeky websites on this list. It comes under the top 500 websites in the US with over 10 million monthly page views per month.

How to geek has reviews and solutions to problems you face while using your computer, laptop, and other related products. How to geeky provides a simple solution for complicated problems.

If you are looking for how to problem in the technology space then How to Geek would definitely have an answer to it.

Make Use Of

Make Use of is an online publication just like Geekymint and How-To Geek. Make use of was started in 2007 and since then has posted thousands of articles that provide tips, guides, and reviews.

If you are caught up with some technical issue then Make Use Of must have already written an article about it. The team at this geeky website is one of the best with years of experience curating well-crafted articles.

Make Use Of is known for its PC and mobile article and has a big following of geeks. If you are looking for content that was founded in 2007, MakeUseOf is an online publication that issues tips and guides on how to make the most of the internet, computer software, and mobile apps. would build up your geeky skills then this geeky website has to be my topic.

Forever Geek

Forever Geek is the oldest website in the list of best geeky websites. It was founded in 2004 and since then has been bringing geeky news and articles to its viewers. 

Some of the content on this geeky website is just amazing it’s made up of fun facts and geeky reviews. 

You would definitely spend some time on this geeky website brushing up your knowledge.


I have listed the best geeky websites and if you think some website needs to be added to this list then let us know. These geeky websites have been publishing content and videos for years and make sure you check out the best geeky websites on the list.

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