The two terms that best explain the whole reason behind grinding chicken meat in a meat grinder are flavor and texture. Most importantly, a few things to keep in mind before grinding chicken meat in a meat grinder is to about your grinder’s capability. There are many capable best meat grinders under 100$ that can easily process your meat smoothly and quickly without any effort. With the right selection of machines, you can grind chicken in your own home and make thousands of different cuisines.

So, the answer to this question is Yes, you can easily grind chicken in a meat grinder but must follow some tips to make the whole grinding experience even more exciting and easy. So, keep reading this article to know more about how you can do this?

Boneless Meat is easy to grind:

If you have white boneless chicken meat then it would be best to grind for more control over consistency and texture under a meat grinder.

Freeze it before grinding:

If you kept chicken in the refrigerator (with bone or without bone) for 24-48 hours before grinding, it will let you grind meat all at once.

Electric Grinder is the best: 

Although it is not necessary if you use an electric grinder instead of a manual grinder, then it would be better. Not only energy, but also it would save your time.

Best Yielding Part:

If you are making burgers or sausages, the breast part of the chicken would be best. Thighs and drumsticks are also recommended for best meat yield. In spite of all these, you can use any part of the chicken’s body to extract the meat.

Best Way to Grind Chicken Meat in a Grinder:

Choose your meat:

The amount of fat content in meat is matters more than the cut. Choose a piece of meat that has a remarkable amount of fat. If you need an extra juicy burger, you can ask the butcher to pour some extra backfat to grind it into the meat.

Cut it into pieces:

Before putting the chicken meat into the grinder, make sure to cut it into small chunks. The smaller the chunks, the easier it will be to grind.

Freeze it:

The key procedure to give your ground meat a smooth texture is to freeze your meat before processing. Chilling meat before grinding it, will enhance the quality of grounded meat and also reduce the amount of meat smear.

Grind it:

When your meat is ready for grinding, then try to do it a little faster to prevent your meat to achieve room temperature. Fill your grinder with meat chunks to half so that the meat gets plenty of room to get grinded.

Regrind it: 

Transfer the ground meat to the bowl and pick the large-sized meat out that has no ground because of escaping from rotating blades. Now, put it back to the grinder and regrind it again because you don’t want to have large pieces of meat in your chicken burger or any other dishes.


Grinding Chicken in a meat grinder is always been an easy task at home. Just take care of some tips and tricks that have been discussed earlier in this article. Everyone should try grinding chicken in a meat grinder at least once because the home grounded chicken meat is far better than the one you own from the supermarket in many ways like health, hygiene, and taste.

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