The three big topics of SEO strategies are content, user experience, and link building. If you’re just starting to develop your search engine optimization strategies, the last topic is likely to be the most confusing and challenging, especially if you’re not an SEO expert. Therefore, this time we will give you a brief general guide on link building.


Link building is one of the terms used in SEO to describe the process of increasing the number of good links coming from other websites to yours. If you’re wondering why they’re so important, the answer is that they’re one of the main criteria used by Google’s algorithms to determine the quality and trustworthiness of a website.

Website links should be relevant and come from reputable sites, in order to reinforce your own site’s authority for search engines. Google has developed algorithms that identify and discard links that are created from a payment or incentive, as well as those designed to your own website or that come from pages that are not relevant and have a bad reputation, so the practice Building links is more of a process of “earning links.”


There are different types of links and each one benefits web positioning in a different way. Among the main types are:

Link baiting

These types of links are generated from the creation of content that is very good and manages to be linked in a natural way; that is, that the person who sees them, shares them on their own websites, social networks, among other platforms. Although it is the most effective method for link building, it is not so easy to achieve it; The reason is that there is a huge amount of information that users receive every day and it is getting easier to discard some important content.

If you have a good SEO strategy, with the publication of optimized content constantly you can get some links that will increase the authority of your site over time.

Press releases

A press release that is contextualized within your professional sectors will help you achieve greater authority. Take advantage of any news, event or study that creates a press release and is published in different media; the note can be written by your own company or by other specialized media in your field. The best thing is that each note is original and not repeated on several sites, and with this you will have good results in your SEO campaigns.

Sponsored Posts

The main advantage offered by sponsored posts is that they contextualize the content within a theme. For example, if you have an online perfume store, having a sponsored link on websites that are categorized in beauty, personal care, gift items, among others, is the best way to get backlinks from people who are already interested in your business. product and will be more natural for users.

Another way to get this type of link is to offer a sample of your product or discounts in exchange for a review by an influencer or a company that has authority within its fields. This type of publication provides greater naturalness and utility for users.

Guest posts

Writing as a guest author on other companies blog is a very effective way to get backlinks; It is recommended that it be written in a medium where potential customers can find it, has authority and is useful content in order to take advantage of the publication.

Forums and blog comments

Lastly, there are comments on blogs and forums; Although it is necessary to have good practices, since it can be taken as spam, participation in forums and commenting on blogs of authoritative sites and within your line of business is a quick way to get links. Although they may not convey authority, they do add naturalness to the link building profile .


You may be wondering how to get links if Google doesn’t want you to create them yourself or pay for them. There are many methods to achieve this and most of them are successful, the choice will depend on different factors. Here we discuss some of the basic concepts.

Analysis of the links of the competition. The popular method to start link building is to know the links that the competitors have; This allows you to take a look at the link strategy of companies in the same industry.

Email scope. It’s important to remember that links to your site must be created by others, so one way to link to your content is to share it with your potential customers and blog readers. Direct sharing of posts increases the likelihood of being read and shared on their own sites and social networks. There are also other strategies, such as offering discounts, products or services in exchange for sharing posts.

Go with an SEO and digital marketing agency. If you are just starting out with your search engine optimization strategies, the best way to create a link building campaign is to have the advice of an SEO agency that has the necessary tools and knowledge, such as Design and Online Optimization.

Link building is one of the three pillars of SEO strategies , so you must focus the necessary resources to obtain the best results. In Online Design and Optimization we can help you in your digital marketing strategy so that you position yourself in the first pages of Google results and improve your visibility on the web.

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