How to promote a company in social networks?

How to promote a company in social networks?

Social media marketing has become an essential tool for all businesses, regardless of their market and size. In recent years, social networks have gone from being a good idea to share everyday moments, to be a mandatory tool for marketers.

Indeed, businesses that do not take advantage of channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to promote themselves will be relegated to their competitors who already implement digital marketing techniques on these platforms.

The numbers speak for themselves. According to a study published by Statista Research Department, currently, 83.5% of Chileans are active users of social networks, making Chile the Latin American country in which these platforms have the greatest reach.

The importance of these channels for business is clear. Now, not everyone knows how to build strategies to promote a company on social networks.

If that’s your case, don’t worry! In this article we will tell you about some techniques that have proven to be effective when it comes to promoting a business online.

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Create ad campaigns

If you ask yourself ” How to promote my company on social networks ?”, you should look at ad campaigns.

Unlike traditional advertising, social media ads are less expensive and much more precise when it comes to personalizing campaigns. Thus, advertising on social networks is one of the best ways to promote your company and increase sales.

Thanks to the tools provided by the platforms themselves, such as Facebook Ads, you can develop campaigns in a simple and intuitive interface, and have automation and analytical functions.

How to create ads that give results? To do so, pay attention to the following points:

Determine your goals

It is useless to advertise on social networks if you do not know what you want to achieve. Therefore, be clear about the objectives that each campaign pursues, whether it is to promote brand recognition, increase visits to your online store or have more followers in your company profile.

Make personalized ads

One of the main advantages of advertising on social networks is the ability to segment your audience with great precision.

Take advantage of that potential by creating ads targeted to specific segments based on gender, age, region or interests.

You can make the most creative ad in the world, but if it’s not seen by the right people, you’re just wasting your investment.

Implement A/B tests

A common practice when developing digital campaigns is to create several versions of the same ad and thus measure which one works best to attract your target.

If you want to do A/B tests, you can change certain elements such as the copy —that is, the text of the ad—, the images you use and even the typography. All in all, experimenting with A/B testing will help you create more effective ads and achieve your campaign goals.

Hold contests

Running contests or sweepstakes through social networks is another way to increase the visibility of your company and organically reach your potential customers.

The goal of this practice is to attract your target audience and generate leads. In that sense, to make a successful contest you must target those users who are really interested in your products or services and offer them a valuable prize.

With this in mind, create a slogan linked to your business that users must fulfill to participate in the contest. Thus, you can ask them to leave their opinion about one of your products in the comments.

Another option is to design a game or challenge that your followers must answer in a tweet or Instagram story. The more playful the contest, the more engagement you will achieve.

As we have seen, digital marketing is a valuable tool in all areas, including accounting businesses.

Form alliances with influencers

In addition to platform ad campaigns, social media advertising also includes influencer marketing.

This type of strategy links companies or brands with those network users who have influence over a specific niche and have become benchmarks.

That way , companies can form alliances with influencers by turning them into brand ambassadors , posting sponsored content, or holding special events with them, like giveaways.

The advantage of collaborating with influencers is that they already have a community built through their profiles, based on trust and loyalty.

So, by associating yourself with an influencer whose target audience is part of your target audience, you will have the perfect intermediary to reach them. On the other hand, this form of advertising is more organic and authentic than paid ads.

In short, if your goal is to position a brand or a product, developing marketing strategies with influencers is an excellent alternative.

Offer exclusive promotions and discounts

Beyond building a good content strategy, you can attract and encourage users to interact with your business through exclusive rewards for followers.

Many companies regularly give prizes to their followers or offer exclusive discount coupons in their stores if the customer performs a certain action on social networks.

Although it is an increasingly popular practice, it requires a lot of creativity to be effective and really help you promote your company. In this sense, developing strategies that mix online with offline is ideal for attracting new customers and retaining the ones you already have.

That is all!

At this point, you know the best ways to promote your business on social media and have all the information you need to start taking advantage of these powerful platforms.

Remember that these techniques are not exclusive, that is, you can implement one or several of them according to your budget, objectives and the characteristics of your ideal client.

In that sense, by measuring the results of your strategies you will be able to determine which ones are the most convenient for your business and invest your commercial efforts in that direction. sitLet’s get to work!

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