How to protect your brand on Amazon

How to protect your brand on Amazon

When it comes to digital marketing and branding, there are many names that come to your mind, but for sure Amazon is the best one. It doesn’t allow brands all over the world to come together, but also it helps many products to establish a fine customer base in no time. That is why many of the brands want to know how can they develop their Amazon brand registry and how does it work. Well, developing their brand on Amazon is one thing and protecting it from frauds and counterfeit products is another one. It is more important than they are establishing it as it helps you to secure all your efforts and make sure that no one will ever destroy your brand image.

Therefore, today we have bought top methods which allow you to protect their brand on Amazon:

After the Amazon brand registry, it will not help you take down the counterfeit seller:

Well, it is pretty amazing and interesting how Amazon works. Amazon wants to have many multiple sellers who are selling the same products. It not only helps Amazon to keep a price competitive but also makes these products as well as the marketplace more interesting and appealing to the public and buyers. Even though you have intellectual property rights like a trademark or patent, asking Amazon to help prevent your brand from counterfeit products or sellers will fall deaf ears. Amazon does not consider your unauthorized sellers as policy violators, and it is a catalog business which means they are designed for more than one seller to be on the individual listing. Therefore, Amazon considers only counterfeit products against its policy.

Apply for Amazon brand registry:

Amazon’s brand registry is Amazon’s program which allows the manufacturer or an OEM with its own branded products to enroll easily. This enrollment ensures that no one can make any changes to the detail page of your products. Here, you need to understand that it allows you to represent your product page correctly, but still, it doesn’t stop others from listing your products. But the best feature of the Amazon brand registry is it certifies you or the brand owner some amazing tools like:

It prevents you from having UPCs list down products as registered Amazon sellers.

The content you have contributed will outweigh any other on Amazon in such a way that they cannot use the same keywords, copy it, and list the content of your product listing. If any other seller tries to submit it, Amazon will override it.

Important note: you have to understand that the Amazon brand registry only provides these facilities to that seller which registers their brand properly and enrolls every single product correctly. Also, you have to include the Manufacturer’s part number as well as the UPCs so that you can register your brand properly on Amazon, in case you need help, you may seek help and assistance from Amazon consultants.

Keep your brand identity center and front:

When it comes to the brand identity of your products, you need to maintain a public website that can prove the ownership of your brand, because it is an actual requirement of the Amazon Brand Registry. Therefore, you must print your brand name on the actual product as well as the packaging. It is an essential requirement for the Brand Registry process as well as allows you to identify counterfeit products and items.

List down your exclusivity and map policies for the distributor contacts:

If you want to protect your brand on Amazon, it is a good idea to iron-clad your agreement with all your retailers, re-sellers as well as distributors who may sell your products as well as prevent you from selling it on Amazon by themselves. You may include the Map policy if it is possible. In case the wholesale distributors are not agreed on the exclusivity or MAP, you should take more actions such as raising the wholesale prices. It will help you to financially untenable for them to continue, which will undercut Amazon at the same time.

You can further protect your products by including the serialization, which will allow you to find the distributors who may sell the products on Amazon. Setting the exclusivity contract is also an essential part of the brand protection on Amazon. It will allow you to track the person who is selling the products regularly and check anyone who is selling your products on Amazon or any other platform.

Manage the unauthorized Amazon re-sellers properly and re-actively:

The best way to manage unauthorized re-sellers is to use Bobsled Marketing’s clients by proactively monitoring the accounts and product pages to see any unauthorized Amazon sellers. In case you find any such unauthorized products, you have this two-step process to manage this issue:

You should send a ‘cease’ message to the seller through Amazon, which eliminates huge changes of unauthorized sellers.

If we find any counterfeit products, we can make a ‘test buy’ to check their validity of them. In case the product is not authentic, you can file a complaint with Amazon and try the sellers to take them off. But you will not get any compensation for doing this.

Never use sticker-less inventory if you are using the Amazon FBA Program:

When you complete the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), you will get an option not to apply for the sticker of Amazon bar-codes and labels with your inventory when they are shipped in. Although it may seem convenient for you, also it raises the chances for your products to potentially mix with counterfeit items.

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