How to recover individual files from backup software using disk images

How to recover individual files from backup software using disk images

Although we usually think of full image backup software (also known as disk image backup software) when it comes to recovering a partition or disk entirely, much of the recovery tasks do not affect partitions. or whole discs.

Rather, users only need to recover files deleted from the trash or damaged by mistake. With Acronis True Image 2020, you can easily find and retrieve individual files or folders from a local backup to an external USB using the virtual disk function. Plus, you can quickly find and recover files and folders from the secure environment of a backup to Acronis Cloud.

Here’s how to easily find and retrieve loose files or folders from a physical disk or the cloud.

Browse a full image backup hosted on a virtual disk

Open a virtual disk by choosing the Browse Image command from the Tools menu and selecting the disk image you want to use. The image is rendered as a virtual drive, with its own letter assigned. As for your computer, the disk image is a disk drive. In Acronis True Image, you can do almost anything with this “virtual disk drive” except for adding or changing files on the disk.

Acronis True Image has several additional features that cannot be easily found in other disk imaging software. For example, you can create full images and incremental images, and you create a virtual disk using incremental backups. Incremental copies prevent disk images from being created that contain versions of corrupted files.

Select the date and time of the virtual image you want to use.

Note that the virtual disk is read-only, so you cannot accidentally overwrite or delete files. You will be able to read and copy from the disk image, but the hard disk image software will not allow you to modify or delete the contents of the virtual disk.

To recover files and folders, simply copy them from the virtual disk to the destination disk. Can’t find a file or folder? Acronis True Image is highly searchable, allowing you to quickly locate files and folders in the full image backup.

Browse full image backup from Acronis Cloud Storage

If your backup destination is the Acronis Cloud secure environment, you can use any web browser to browse and browse the files in the backup. You can then download any files that are available in the backup to another location.

In addition, you can use Acronis’ extensive search capabilities to search for a particular file that is stored in the cloud backup.

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