How to use social media to promote your business

How to use social media to promote your business


Social networks are a great opportunity to position a company as a leader in emerging markets. Using this strategy to promote a brand or a new business is not only extremely effective but is also a low-cost tool.

Choosing social networks for your business

In the first place, it is essential to choose the most appropriate social networks for my business:

For companies with a more technological profile, it is usually appropriate to work well on LinkedIn, however, for other companies in sectors such as crafts or yoga, to give two examples, could be more useful with a Facebook profile.

It all depends on the sector in which we work, where our target is and what our short- and long-term goals are.

You must be clear that not all companies necessarily need to have profiles on all social networks… On the contrary. It is preferable to have few well-run social networks than many abandoned or poorly managed. Social networks have advantages, but also disadvantages .

Start by creating your profiles giving information about your company, always indicating what your objective is and highlighting your services, products and/or offers. It is key that you use images with good resolution that really represent you, in addition to your logo.

It is of vital importance to “not relax” when you are active on the network, that is, to maintain a constant activity: Answer your clients, send invitations, make publications with a certain frequency… basically, keep your profiles active.

The goal is always to keep communication alive, including welcome messages makes new members loyal.

You should not use the social network just to talk about your business, users will get bored and end up abandoning you. You must share interesting information, articles related to what interests your audience on the networks, yes, without abandoning the theme of your business.

It is also important to make it known on your website that you have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

but do not prioritize them on your website, because the ultimate goal is not for them to go to your social profiles, but for them to stay on the web and hire you if you offer services or buy from you if you have an e-commerce.

Put the icons of your networks in a visible but discreet place.

We hope that these brief tips on social networks for companies have helped you. If you need us to improve your company image on social networks, you can see our Social Media plans here.

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