How to use manual meat grinder at home?

How to use manual meat grinder at home?

Whether you are the home chef or just planning a healthier diet, a meat grinder can help. Grinding your meat can help you reduce your spending on butchers, reduce your consumption of dangerous additives, and allow you to choose which meats to use, the exact size and quantity for each meal. You can also grind vegetables on these devices, and some more elaborate models can even grind coffee beans. Although it is a manual meat grinder or electric, it reduces your time as well.

You can choose how thick you want to grind each meat, control the amount of fat used, mix more than one cut at a time, and prepare freshly made meat or game meat on the spot. You can cook healthier and more natural pet food for your dogs and cats, which benefits significantly from new proteins.

Of course, knowing the benefits of owning a meat grinder does not mean that you know what you are looking for. Instead of reading thousands of reviews of different meat grinders.


This light and easy-to-use meat grinder are ideal for those who only need to grind a small amount of meat per day, and it can grind about a kilo of meat without problems. It comes with two large and medium-sized grinding discs and a funnel for preparing sausages and other sausages. It is easy to clean and has reverse rotation. It has a significant cost benefit for home users.

Your engine can process more laborious and more meat before you need a break in a high-quality semi-industrial meat grinder. Because it is intended for heavy and professional use, it accepts any grinding disc designed for a mouth. In addition to being a meat and vegetable grinder, it is also a pasta extruder so that you can make different types of pasta shapes with this machine.

Important features to consider

Unless you’re a professional chef, chances are you don’t know much about meat grinders. To help you understand the essential features of a meat grinder, let’s take a look at each aspect to consider before purchasing.

How much meat do you need to grind?

The smaller the grinder, the less it can grind at the same time. This means that if you have a lot of meat to crumble, it will take longer to process everything. Also, the engine may require constant breaks to cool. More giant shredders are capable of handling large quantities of meat at once, and their motors are generally designed to work longer without resting. For large amounts of meat, size # 12 or # 22 grinding discs are ideal. However, many users can be well served by smaller grinders, especially if they plan to grind about two pounds at a time or less.

Which meats can be ground?

If you are planning to make everyday foods, the resistance of the types and cuts of meat should not be a problem; any grinder can handle meats like beef, pork, and chicken. More resistant meats, such as wild boar, may require a blender with a more reliable engine. And of course, if you’re planning to grind meat on the bone, you’ll need to look for industrial grinders – usually with # 22 or # 32 size grinding discs.

How much does a meat grinder weigh?

Although we have already considered size, another thing to think about is the weight. If you have a lot of meat to grind and your grinder will have a dedicated spot on the counter permanently, it won’t make much difference. But if you need to store your blender after use, you will have to lift it often, and a heavy appliance will be a significant nuisance. Some grinders weigh five pounds or more, so check the weight of your blender and how often you will have to carry it from place to place.

Meat grinder accessories

The extras and useful accessories for the grinder will depend on how you plan to use it and how you want to take care of it. Below are some extras and accessories to look for.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is an excellent option for those who want more ease when cleaning, both the grinder and its accessories, it holds food less and, of course, do not rust. However, it is more expensive than steel or aluminum and is more substantial.

Sausage funnel: If you want to grind meat as well as make sausages and sausages, you need to make sure that the grinder you buy comes with these attachments; not all mills are sold with accessories that allow this type of preparation.

Meat tray: This is the part that holds the meat in place before it is pushed into the feed tube; this is standard in meat grinders, but some manual models do not.

Meat pestle: This is a tool that you use to push meat safely through the feed tube. If your grinder does not include it, you will need to purchase it separately.

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