How to monitor android phone with TOS monitoring app

How to monitor android phone with TOS monitoring app

Monitoring apps and software are the new trends of the time. There is android monitoring software that is needed by most people to monitor and track specific devices. There is a lot of this software out there, but little do you know that not all of them are robust and provide you with a foolproof result. Most of the software is a complete failure that grabs the money from you on the subscription and does not give you the service that you need. So, when you are looking for the tracking and monitoring software, make sure you pick the one that is tested and reviewed by lots of people. Moreover, the software should provide you with the best features as well.

When you talk about the mobile spy, TheOneSpy is the topmost on the list for its incredible functioning and compatibility. Moreover, there is a long list of features that TOS has to offer.

If you are thinking that you want software that can help you in tracking and monitoring the android device mainly, the TOS is the best that you can find.

However, if the question is bugging you about how these apps can monitor the android phone, we are here to clear the confusion.

The TOS is created with the coding that is viable for android and iOS as well. You can not skip the fact that it works well for both of the operating systems. When you are planning to monitor and track the android phone, here is what you can do with the tracking and monitoring software. Make sure you take a look at the features below to know how useful TOS can be for the monitoring of the android device.

How to monitor the android phone with the TOS monitoring program?

Here we are mentioning a few tips and tricks that will lead you to the knowledge for monitoring and tracking the android app.

Explore the app

The foremost thing that you have to do is to explore the TOS app. Once you visit the website, you will have a clear idea about the various functions and features of the app. You can also learn about the multiple editions of the app, and you also need to know about the track record and how people like the app. All of this information will be available on the app. Once you have fully explored the app, you can now move further with the process.

Select the plan

Now you will see the policy and the different editions and versions for the tracking of the android device. You can pick the one you like and move further with the process. Once subscribed, you will receive the login details. But before that, you need to make sure that the app is installed on the phone or the android device that you are planning to target. Once done, you cannot log in to the control panel remotely and monitor the device.

How to monitor?

For the monitoring process, you will have various features to look through. You can either record the call and listen to it later; you can also use the live tracking system to monitor and examine what is going on. Moreover, you can also read the messages. You can also review the contact list and the list of the blocked users and the blocked website. One thing else you can do is to examine the apps that are already installed. It will help you monitor the online activity of the user. Moreover, the activity of the TOS app stays silent and a secret so the user will not notice it.


The TOS is an android monitoring software that is not only bound to android devices only, but also iOS, Mac, and windows as well. The features are widely compatible with the people who are looking for a reputable tracking and monitoring app that does not have bugs and issues that people will have to face. Make sure to go through all the features of the app before you pick the option and the subscription plan on the app.

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