Optimize your Brand value with Custom Boxes

Optimize your Brand value with Custom Boxes

Boxes are the most common packing material and they come in various sizes, shapes, types, and materials. Boxes have been used for a long time, and have been very successful in keeping the items inside safe. Good packaging is what every brand needs. You can have this good packaging with Custom Boxes. These Custom Boxes can be designed according to the client’s requirements and add value to the product packed inside.

Materials of your choice:

Our custom shipping boxes come in different materials including the Bux board, Kraft board, and white cardboard. These materials are used to make boxes for the packaging of different items. The choice of materials depends upon factors like cost, durability, and resistance to the particular environment of the area where the boxes are to be sent.

Shapes and Sizes:

Custom boxes come in various shapes and sizes. The size and the shape of the box are designed according to the design approved by the customers. Big and strong corrugated boxes are used for machines and parts whereas small and relatively less strong boxes are used for smaller items.

Types of boxes:

You can choose from a wide variety of Custom Shipping Boxes like classic rectangular corrugated boxes,  Double wall tuck front boxes, Bookend boxes, Bowl Sleeves, Dessert and Cake boxes, and any kind of box which matches your requirements. Bookend boxes are usually used for software, DVDs, watches, phones, luxury items, and other gadgets. There are also Bowl sleeves that are suitable for the packaging of ceramics, crockery, and other glass decoration items. There are also fast-food packaging boxes usually made of Kraft’s box. Cake and dessert boxes are made of white cardboard.

Shipping and Cargo:

When choosing the packaging of a particular product, one important factor is that products are that product must be shipping and cargo friendly. It must be durable enough to withstand these conditions. The material used for making your custom shipping boxes should be cost-friendly too.


Presentation is what makes your products shine thus it is something which should be given a good amount of consideration. In a competitive environment where all the brands with their almost equally good products are competing for a customer’s attention, a good presentation can be the deciding factor. You can choose from a lot of options, can also come up with your own design. Your Custom printed boxes will have your Logo printed over them. In addition to the logo, you can have pictures of the product inside printed over them. By this, the customer can see what the product inside looks like.

  • Logo Printing:

You can have your boxes with the logo of the company printed over them. This will show your product’s presentation more professionally. A logo printed box will easily show your brand name over the packaging. Such boxes help your product market itself to the customers because of the affiliation of the product to a particular company.

  • Product description:

On your Custom Box Packaging, you can have the description of your product printed over the box(or at the side whichever suits). This will help the buyers as well as the sellers because one can easily see all the details about the product. Guarantee/warranty can also be printed to make the customer aware of the company’s policy.

  • Color Scheme:

You can choose from a wide variety of color schemes. You can have different combinations as well as single-color printing. You can show an idea or a concept from the colors you choose for your Custom Printed Packaging. For instance, the black color looks elegant and simple whereas tropical colors will have a different effect and convey another idea.

  • Colorful patterns and themes:

You can also have colorful patterns printed over your custom boxes to make them more eye-catching for the customers and give your product a good presentation. A good presentation is always better than a bland one. You can have patterns that may be abstract art patterns, geometrical shapes, or something else of your choice.

  • The finish of the packaging:

You can also choose the finish of the packaging. The packaging can have a gloss or matte finish whichever suits your box. This finish makes your custom boxes even look more attractive and eye-catching.

Addition to the value of your product:

Good packaging is a fruitful investment in the product as it is making your product shine and standing out from the crowd. People like things that look good. When you are competing for the rival brand’s product and want to score more sales, a good-looking product with a detailed presentation will stand out from the rivals. So, a custom box with a good presentation is a must for your brand.

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