Overcoming Issues in Supply Chain Management

Overcoming Issues in Supply Chain Management

It’s well-known in business that several firms across different industries experience supply chain problems. If you run a small-sized venture, whether it is a retail outlet or an online shop, maintaining the stock of highly purchased items can pose an issue.

Customers typically want to get satisfied on time and want products delivered to them as fast as possible. One of the worst consequences of experiencing supply chain issues is that you tend to lose potential clients during this period.

Nevertheless, there are certain ways you can deal with these problems to make certain your business flow remains uninterrupted. If you want to understand the most common issues in supply chain management, you can read more here.

Resolving your Business’s Supply Chain Concerns

Here are some ways to resolve your business’s supply chain concerns:

  • Monitor your Inventory

Even when you have many goods in stock, you still need to monitor your inventory. Supply chain scarcities can occur when you don’t expect them, so you must know the commodities in stock and those at the minimum order level. It could be devastating to suddenly discover you’re out of a highly demanded product and find the process of restocking complicated.

  • Restock your Inventory when you Can

When you have budget constraints, it could be impossible to buy high amounts of different commodities. There’s also the factor of warehousing and labor expenses. Hence, you have to restock your inventory strategically.

First, frequently restock only the most popular products in your store when they’re available. This way, you get to satisfy the bulk of your customers. Second, try to find products with high percentage discounts. This way, your business gets to maintain a budget surplus while getting other popular items.

  • Research the Substitutes

Researching the substitutes can be divided into two parts – the supply chain and the product. You can beat an irregular supply chain shortage by researching other suppliers closest to you. Try to contact the suppliers that offer the lowest prices while considering transport costs.

The other option is to research substitutes for that product. Suppose the location of the nearest supplier is quite distant or supply chain problems are common to all suppliers. In that case, you’ll need to find a product that satisfies your customers’ utility. For many popular products, there are always perfect substitutes. Providing them for your clients will ensure they remain returning customers.


Supply chain management problems are common in small and medium-sized businesses. To resolve your supply chain issues, you can restock your inventory when you can, monitor your stock level, and research supplier and product substitutes.

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