7 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips (That Actually Work)

7 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips (That Actually Work)

Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips – Social networks, that cultural phenomenon so widespread throughout the world. Who doesn’t have a social network today? They are a mine of information, jokes, news, trends, and everything that we are passionate about just one click away. The great tycoons of the world (Amazon, Disney …) do not hesitate to exploit their potential to get the most out of it.

Thus, we want to review the three most trending platforms: Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. As we know that starting a business is a process in which you have to invest many hours, we want to contribute our grain of sand to giving you guidelines for publications on social networks. Or if you prefer, you can even contact us for personal advice.

In this post, we will focus exclusively on the social network Instagram, so prepare your best photo… let’s get started!

7 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips

We all know the famous social network Instagram. Whether you have an account on this site or not, the truth is that Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world, along with Facebook and Twitter. Its user figures are spectacular: about 1 billion users worldwide.

Why is it that people love this social network? Mainly for its ease of posting photos. You take a selfie with your mobile, you put any filter available in the application, and it is instantly on your profile, where all your friends can see it, give it a “like,” and comment on it. What’s more, if you accompany your photo with an impressive phrase and well-selected hashtags, probably people you don’t know will also interact with it.

Such is its influence as a social network that many companies do not hesitate to use their full potential to launch their business. This social network is perfect for those who are starting to undertake. It gives exponential growth quite fast and, with a good strategy, you will make your company popular much quicker than you think.

Instagram in mbile
Instagram in mobile


Even though Instagram, as we have already told you, is one of the most popular social networks, it is not enough to make a profile and upload photos without further ado. You need a marketing plan that helps you plan what you will publish, when, how, and, above all, for whom.

As there are many things to take into account, we are going to give you ten critical tips so that your performance on Instagram is successful from the first moment :


Infographics allow you to summarize important information in a very visual and easy-to-understand way. With a drawing or a series of images, you can make your clients understand the information you give them much better.

Why do we recommend using these images? Because the human eye processes visual information much better. The more comfortable you make it for your audience, the easier it is for them to convert into leads.

What would you feel if I gave you the same dishes to eat every day? You would feel bored, precisely the same you are feeling with the same fonts, so start using stylish cool fonts to decrease marketing cost and increase engagement.


People love the word “free” at first glance. Everything that is understood as a “bargain”, as an “exclusive discount,” and something that gives the possibility of not spending a single euro on a valuable detail attracts us like a magnet.

How can you use that to your advantage? Doing a giveaway or contest. They are very popular on Instagram because they are a speedy way to get followers. You have to give a service or product with certain conditions: follow your account, tag two friends, mention your business in their stories. There are a thousand ways! You will become popular in no time.


This is important: posts on Instagram are very changeable. If you’re posting on a specific topic, hundreds of people searching for that topic are likely to see your position at any given time. But if you are not constant and only publish from time to time without a clear plan, you will lose relevance, and your clients will not consider you an interesting source to look at.

Don’t forget that time today is one of the most precious assets: make your audience want to invest a few seconds in you.


Ads have a lot of visibility, even more than conventional publications. If you want to make sure you reach the maximum audience possible, investing in Instagram ads may be a good option for you. With very little, you will achieve a lot.


You have heard this many times: your buyer persona is that individual who represents your ideal client. With names, surnames, problems, hobbies, and you want to know who he is because he is the person you will help with your product or service. She is the one who is going to buy you upside down what you offer her because she needs you and you to him. Your entire company is focused on this concept and, of course, on all those who are like your buyer persona.

Keep in mind that you continuously communicate with your audience in your social networks. Identifying your buyer persona will help you speak directly to them. This will allow all those who are like this figure to identify with your message and contact you.


Don’t turn your Instagram into a product catalog!

It is a widespread mistake in many business accounts: thinking that if you regularly share your offers, products, and discounts, people will access your catalog quickly. Unlike! Instagram is not an exhibition, and it is a social network. People are looking to interact with your content, find out about something, or hang out. They do not inherently seek to buy.

To get your audience to buy from you, share something that you know is relevant to them. For example: if you have a cosmetic company, make an infographic about the advantages of using hyaluronic acid on mature skin. And of course, it has to be related to your product, do not impose a need that you will not solve.


Think that you are probably not the only one in your sector: there will be more business accounts like yours wanting to gain popularity. That is good! You can look at those who have previously been successful and already have a consolidated market to take references from their work: their content, followers, hours of publication, frequency of publication.

Remember that your first competitor is yourself.

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