The use of mobile devices today is widespread and people carry out all kinds of daily activities from their smartphones, such as management, communication, banking operations, viewing multimedia content, travel reservations, and much more. One essential aspect that companies must take into account when designing their apps is to include the payment gateway to provide their customers with the possibility of making secure electronic payments from the same application, without the need to go to external programs.

If at first the app will not be used as an online business, it is important that its design includes facilities to be able to include the payment gateway in the future, since the trend is for the online business to continue to grow (it is estimated that in 2021, 75% of online transactions will be carried out via mobile phone).

How to put a payment gateway on my website or how to connect the payment gateway to any online business mobile application are highly topical and important topics in the business sector.


Below we will show seven advantages that are obtained by integrating a payment gateway such as PayPal, Redsys, Stripe or Amazon Pay (among others) within your app.

1. Increase sales

Offering customers the possibility of paying for products or services from the app itself facilitates the sale, making it possible to close sales to a greater degree compared to the option of having to use another external application (banking app or similar).

2. Increases customer satisfaction

The comfort of being able to make payments through an app without the need to go to another app is evident. Customers will look favorably on making their purchases and payments safely in the app itself, increasing their level of satisfaction , which will have a positive influence on important aspects such as their loyalty and the possibility of recommending the company’s products and services to third parties.

3. Cost savings

Taking into account the integration of a payment gateway will save costs in the future when implementing it. If the app is prepared to include different payment gateway, it will not be necessary to make profound or drastic changes to the app, which can be disruptive and have high programming and redesign costs.

4. Provides a secure means of payment

Payment gateway use data protection measures that guarantee economic transactions in a secure manner. Data encryption, the use of SSL certificates and other security measures allow customers to pay digitally without putting their banking information at risk.

5. Project a better image of the company

Having a payment gateway integrated into an app projects an image of the company of professionalism and modernity to current and potential customers.

6. Speed ​​up purchases

The app can save customers’ payment details, speeding up the checkout process for future purchases as they won’t need to re-enter that information.

7. Open up new business opportunities

The payment gateways integrated in an app diversifies a company’s business, taking advantage of technology and opening new ways to reach potential customers and increase their income.

The payment gateway implemented in an app offers many advantages to a company. The massive use of smartphones makes the option of developing apps for their business attractive for companies. Including the payment gateways or preparing the app to be able to integrate it easily in the future are important aspects to take into account.



Pavan Kumar

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