How to Setup Find My Mobile On Samsung Galaxy S9

How to Setup Find My Mobile On Samsung Galaxy S9

With the Wi-Fi feature, there is another important service or feature that you must be enabled on your Samsung Galaxy S9. This special feature is Find My Mobile Service.

If you don’t know how to enable and set up a Find My Mobile service, then in this article, we are going to tell you all the steps. With the help of all these steps, you can easily set up the Find My Mobile service on Samsung Galaxy S9

What is Find My Mobile Service?

Find My Mobile is a service that is specially designed to find or track lost devices. If you want to use this Find My Mobile Service on Samsung Galaxy S9 then it must be activated on the Samsung device.

When it is activated on your Samsung device then you can easily locate your Samsung smartphone. But remember that Find My Mobile will only detect your Samsung Galaxy S9 if your smartphone is switched on, the device is connected to the internet, and log in to the Samsung account

So first confirms that you have logged in to your Samsung account. If you don’t have a Samsung account then you can easily set up with your Galaxy S9 or from the web browser

All the steps to set up Find My Mobile and also activate its remote control features are given below, so follow all the steps

Steps To Set Up Find My Mobile On Galaxy S9:

The given below steps will help you to set up Find My Mobile and also activate it on your Galaxy S9 device. Make sure that this is the first feature you activate on your Samsung Galaxy S9 at the time of setup. Because you will always find your lost phone if this feature is activated on your device. All the steps to do this are given below

  1. First, access the application screen of your Samsung Galaxy s20 and then click on the Settings option. You just have to swipe up from the center of your device screen to access the apps screen
  2. When you open the settings of your device then scroll down and click on the Biometrics and security option. This option will give you complete access to the phone’s security.
  3. After opening the Biometrics and security option scroll down and click on the Find My Mobile option. To activate this amazing feature you have to tap the Off switch and it will be turned on. When the switch turns blue it means this feature is activated
  4. If indicates, to use the Find My Mobile service first sign in to your Samsung account then you have to enter your phone number or email address that is linked with your Samsung account. Other than this if you don’t have a Samsung account then you can create it with the help of Create account button. After signing into your Samsung Account you can easily use the Find My Mobile service to locate the lost device.
  5. Now it’s time to activate the remote control feature of the Find My Mobile service you have to go back to the applications screen and then click on the Settings option. After this click on the Bio-metrics and security then Find My Mobile menu, now click the switch that is present next to the Remote Unlock to enable the remote control feature

If it asks you to draw your pattern then tap agree and draw it and after this, the Remote unlock switch will be enabled

If you enable this feature it will let your phone be controlled with the help of your Samsung account, for this, you just have an internet connection

Now enable the option to send the last location of your Samsung Galaxy S9, enabling this option will allow your device to send the last location to the My Mobile Service when your Samsung Galaxy S9 gets unlock

With all these settings you can easily access your Samsung Galaxy S9 anywhere anytime

You can use the Find My Mobile service to lock and unlock, locate your Samsung Galaxy S20, wipe all data, back up your important data, retrieve all the numbers from the messages and calls, ring your device, and many more.

The other amazing feature of Find My Device service is you can activate the maximum or ultra-power saving mode, with this mode you can easily extend the battery life and this feature is very important nowadays because the usage of a phone is very important and too much

Basically, Find My Mobile is the same as Google’s Find My Device app that is downloadable from the Play Store; this application provides you with the same features as the Find My Mobile service.

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