Why you should start blogging in 2020

Why you should start blogging in 2020

Does it still make sense to blog? So many companies blog these days. Do you still have to get started? You’ll never stand out from the millions of blogs that are written every day.

Yes, you should.

Also in 2020, it is wise to blog. In fact, it may be more necessary than ever. And easier. Even as a starting blogger you can now quickly get results. I’ll give you 3 reasons why you should have a blog right now and a golden oldie bonus reason.

1 – What, a website without a blog?

It is absolutely true that there is still a lot of content. There are more than 1.7 billion websites worldwide and that number is only increasing (although they are by no means just active websites). According to Google, this would mean a staggering 130 trillion web pages, 1.6 billion of which are Dutch.

Growth of the number of websites

But shouldn’t you start writing a blog? Shouldn’t you do something because everyone else is already doing it? That would be the wrong starting point. (Why start a company at all, there are so many companies anyway…)

It’s also a wrong thought. Because just when there are so many blogs, you are more likely to stand out in a negative sense if you do not have a blog. What, a website without a blog?

If I visit a website of a company and I don’t see a blog, then I consider that to be a shortcoming. Not because I’m a blog trainer, but because I just miss information. I can’t judge right now if the person has a lot of knowledge of his field and I’m not surprised with a valuable tip.

Reading tip: What is a blog? Practical explanations with examples.

The chance that I will become a customer is now a lot smaller. Especially if the competitor does have a blog. You simply can’t stay behind.

To start anyway. With one blog per month, you can profile yourself very well and thus benefit.

2 – Many more searches per day

Many more blogs may have been added, but there is also much more searched for than before. Google does not reveal its figures in detail, but the assumption is that the number of searches is at least twice as high as five years ago.

We’re talking about 2 trillion searches per month or 63,000 per second. Crazy numbers that you can forget right away because they don’t help you that much. For as long as you remember, the number of Google searches keeps increasing.

Apparently, people are still not tired of information. On the contrary.

One of the reasons for the enormous increase is, of course, the rise of the smartphone. It’s getting easier and easier to read content wherever you are. On the road, on the train, or on the toilet during that far too boring birthday party.

With a good blog, you can stand out.

3 – Scoring in Google becomes easier

OK, that’s an overstatement maybe. But I dare say that scoring in Google is fairer. And that as an honest blogger you have a better chance.

I’ll explain that.

Ever since it was founded, Google has been working to make the match between the search query and search results as fair as possible. And as a Google consumer, that’s also a good thing.

Google wants the best pages to emerge when someone is looking for something or wants to know something and not the one who applies the best tricks.

It’s an eternal game of cat-and-mouse between people who try to bypass Google’s rules and Google who therefore changes its rules again (and punishes the abusers).

Cat-and-mouse game with Google

Google is getting smarter and uses more and more artificial intelligence to assess the results. This means that Google robots are starting to think more and more like human beings. And that benefits the results.

Honest, valuable content will now score even better than in the past, I expect. And that’s a good thing too.

Anyone who focuses on writing valuable content in 2020 (and I mean really valuable content, not the umpteenth few tips or ways that everyone already mentions) may find it easier to score and thus earn a prominent place in the Google results.

Even if you’re just starting now.

That’s good news for anyone who doesn’t fancy Google tricks but just has a good story to tell. Although of course, it helps if you know how to write that story. You have to keep helping fate.

And you really don’t have to blog often to be successful. With an hour a week, you can easily reach tens of thousands of new visitors a year.

4 – Blogging remains valuable for yourself

Of course, what applied before this year still applies in 2020: blogging is also good for yourself. Blogging makes you smarter and more communicative.

By blogging, you force yourself to think about your profession. It will sharpen your mind and you will come up with new ideas and insights more quickly. So blogging doesn’t help.

Pavan Kumar

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