How Smartphones & Internet Revolutionized Our Life

How Smartphones & Internet Revolutionized Our Life

First things first!

Can you imagine spending a few hours let alone a day without your smartphone? What if a mobile phone is given to you without internet communication? Would you be able to manage? Most of us would reply in the negative!

It is because smartphones and the internet have completely revolutionized our lives like never before. You and we are dependent on our mobile phone for multitasking right after waking up to calling it a day.

From checking emails, reading news, calling loved ones, sending and receiving the money to streaming music and videos and more, our lives revolve around phones.

Back to 20 years before when there were no mobile phones, a lot of things have changed. You just remember the last time when you did not use your smartphone for an entire day.

With the help of GPRS data connection a few years before and now with 4G connectivity, mobile internet is changing the way people do things.

Let’s have a quick look at how smartphones and the internet affect our daily lives these days!

Internet and mobile internet

As you read this, 3.2 billion people are now using the internet – 2 billion users in developing countries. The global mobile internet market is highly dynamic as the penetration has increased 12 times since 2007.

By 2010, mobile data was being used more than double that voice data. From the period ranging 2014-2015, the usage of mobile data has gone up to 55% – many data reports suggest. There are more mobile phones in the world than people globally. It also tells that people now access mobile phones using internet data on more than one device.

How much time do we spend looking at a smartphone screen?

Many data showcases that the average time spent on our mobile devices daily is around 3 hours and 40 minutes. The time that we spend on calls is not taken into this. As per Flurry Analytics research, 90% of the time that we spend on our smartphones is on apps. Average user installs about 35-36 apps on a smartphone – out of them, only 25-26% of all apps are actually used daily.

How vital is a smartphone for you?

Recently, a survey was conducted by the Bank of America, and the participants responded that they could not last even a day without their smartphones.

Out of the people taking part in the survey, 91% were of the opinion that their mobile phones were extremely important. On the other hand, 60% of respondents found it even more important than coffee.

For millennials aged 18-24 (96%), a smartphone is extremely important, and for 93%, it is surely more significant than deodorant, and toothbrushes for 93%.

On average, we check out smartphones even if there are no notifications every 5-6 minutes.

Thus, what is the best way to reach people these days? Of course, it is via their smartphones.

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