Steps to play SNES games on android

Steps to play SNES games on android

We all have a vision that retro games are meant to be played on PC. Whereas the use of PC has decreased a lot with the passage of time. The PC gamers know how to play retro games on PC. They know they have to simply download an emulator and Rom and are all set to play the games. The vision has now changed. Android phones are now more trendy. So what about the people that are more comfortable doing everything on their android phones? People, who prefer android phones more than desktop computers? Do they lack the opportunity of not experiencing the classic games of old times? Here is the good news for both android and retro game lovers even Android users can use their phones to enjoy classic games like Mario, Aladdin, sonic, etc. As android has introduced an all-new platform for playing classic games for retro game lovers.

Talking about retro games, the first thing that comes to our mind is SNES games. Most of the users want to play SNES games on their phones. The old-time games that make them live their childhood again. You must be getting a view of those old-time games graphics in your mind while reading this. So don’t worry because the process of playing SNES games on your phone is also quite simple and easy. All the users need to do is install the emulator on their phone along with the required SNES games and BIOS files. After having all these things the user can play the game easily on the go. The procedure to download the emulator is simple for technical people but can be a little challenging for people that lack the technical experience or are new to this area. Let us have a look at the most simple procedure that will be easy for both technical and non-technical people to start playing your favorite SNES games on the go.

Downloading the best android SNES emulator:

The first step to moving towards playing your desired SNES games on Android phones is to download the best android SNES emulator. You can download the SNES emulators from different sources but try to download such software always from a reliable source. Downloading it from any unreliable software can lead to malicious software and security issues. To make it easy for users Google provides emulators for different consoles including game boy and the original SNES system. You can easily download any of the android SNES emulators from the Google play store and enjoy playing.

Whereas if you are not satisfied with the collection of emulators available on the Google play store then you are not bound to it. You can also download an android SNES emulator from different third-party websites. But before downloading from third-party software you need to be very careful. Before choosing a particular website for downloading, check the user feedback and response.

Download the required game files:

The second step of the procedure is to download the required game files. The game files include SNES games or ROM files. You can find the names and images of the SNES games online but make sure you download from it a reliable source. Coming to the ROM files, while downloading keep in mind to only download those ROM files that are compatible with your downloaded emulator. The following are the two detailed steps through which technical and none technical both can easily download the reliable SNES files and ROMs.

  • Go to your browser. In the search bar type SNES ROMs and press enter. You will get bundles of results. After checking the feedback, choose one reliable source and open the website to download the ROM in simple clicks.
  • After going to the website, you will get a list of all the available ROMs. Watch all the ROMs and find the one your emulator is compatible with. When you have decided which one to download, select it, and as soon as you will press on it the downloading will be started. You will find the downloaded file in the downloads or the location you selected.

Find the required BIOS files:

The third step of this procedure is very important yet very easy. All you need to do is download the BIOS files that are compatible and required for your chosen android SNES emulator. Downloading it is similar to the above procedure. But to make it very easy and simple have a look at the below point.

  • On the website type SNES BIOS and search. Same as above choose a reliable source and find a suitable BIOS file for your emulator. As soon as you decide which one to go with press enter. The downloading will start and you can find the file in the download or given location.

All set to play the SNES games:

After doing all the above steps, it’s time to launch the android SNES emulator you have downloaded. To launch it, all you need is to press the icon of the emulator. After launching the emulator will ask for the BIOS file. Make sure you provide the right BIOS files. While doing this keep the following points in mind:

  • Your emulator may not get the BIOS updated right the first time. So you may require repeating the same procedure once again.
  • Play your downloaded SNES game that you are waiting to play for a long.

All set for SNES games:

After going through the above step you are all set to play your desired and most favorite SNES games. You must be very happy that you can now play the games you love on your android phones using an android SNES emulator but in this excitement don’t forget to download the files from reliable sources. The second thing to keep in mind is to download only those files that are compatible with your emulator. Don’t waste time downloading useless files. Don’t waste your time here, you are all set to play the SNES games on your phone. Download the emulator and files and have fun.

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