4 Productive Ways to Boost Your Solar Sales through Facebook Ads

4 Productive Ways to Boost Your Solar Sales through Facebook Ads

Do you know 84% of consumers will prefer buying from a brand they follow on social media? If we are to talk about Facebook ads, there are approximately 1.62 billion users who would visit the social networking site on a regular basis. Now, you can only imagine the reach and potential of strategizing and deploying the right Facebook ads for your solar business. Talking of the context of the Solar Sales business, there are too many crucial aspects to meet. These include essentials such as:

  • Generating business leads
  • Following up with the solar panel deals
  • Closing each deal successfully
  • Creating a digital market presence for the coveted exposure

The last pointer is crucial amongst the four. In today’s world, unless you are able to get your business the digital exposure it deserves, you cannot expect to generate decent revenues at the end of the day. For example, a private tutor who aspires to offer English assignment help online must update the portfolio with sample papers that would display his/her academic credentials. It will allow students to gauge the person’s expertise via virtual modes of communication. That’s how digital advertisements work. And Facebook ads are certainly no exception in this context.

Now that you are aspiring to take your solar business to the next level of digital recognition, read this blog to embrace new strategies for the right implementation of Facebook ads.

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1. Brainstorm on the pre-requisite details

First things first, you need to sit and discuss a few things with your solar business marketing team prior to venturing out. Facebook ad deployment needs to be strategized according to certain parameters and elemental insights, as mentioned here.

  • Gauge your solar business’s online reputation.
  • Conduct research and figure out whether you have enough online consumers to whom you can reach out with the Facebook ads.
  • Analyze the data extracted from Google analytics and other avenues of reputation monitoring.
  • Once you have a strong set of data and market reports to focus on, move on to the next segment of strategizing Facebook ads to gain satisfactory exposure.
  • Refrain from copying ad ideas or imitating your rivals. It will only lead you to confront the negative consequences of ad plagiarism and other backlashes on the grounds of ethics.

Also, you need to plan and re-organize your workforce and train your marketing team to dedicate extra hours in evaluating contemporary Facebook ads for solar sales.

2. Make your business page content engaging

You cannot tread a long way with Facebook ads if your business page on the social networking site fails to engage your clients. After all, Facebook recognizes page/post engagements based on the number of clicks, likes, and shares acquired over a certain period of time. Thus, in order to deploy ads in a rightful manner, you got to abide by these content engagement guidelines for favorable outcomes in the long run.

  • Get involved in real-time conversation through your ads on Facebook.
  • Create and promote ad copes that talk about the practical benefits of installing solar panels.
  • Produce content that essentially highlights why consumers should rely on your products and prefer the same over contemporary brands.
  • Use real images of the solar panels and other products that are manufactured in your company.
  • Refrain from using copyrighted images in your content. It will not only misguide your consumers, but it will also prove to be a major glitch on your part from an ethical perspective.
  • Content variation is an equally important element.
  • Do not keep posting the same old content over and over again.

Instead, come up with eye-catching texts, creative headers, power words, and the likes to make an impact of excellence on your Facebook page visitors.

3. Do not encourage customers to settle for less

Never do that. Always give your consumers something extra as their takeaway benefits. You can always boost solar business Facebook ads with the help of these content strategies.

  • Talk about newly introduced discounts and rebates on solar products.
  • Introduce combo offers and warranties for consumers willing to invest in your solar products.
  • Focus on content consistency and maintain a fixed time frame to keep your customers updated at regular intervals.

Highlight the availability of service perks and exclusive features for “first-time buyers”.

4. Do not just post ads; focus on effective placements as well

Merely posting Facebook ads will not help you to go a long way. You need to work on meeting the criteria of the right ads placement on the social networking platform.

Here’s how.

  • Name your solar business ad campaign. Visitors must be able to draw an idea about the content they are about to read or watch.
  • Set up your Facebook ad account and target the right group of audience.
  • According to market experts, solar businesses should target consumers belonging to the age group of 35-45 years.
  • Plan your ads, content, and digital campaigns based on your budget.
  • There’s no point in planning to execute an ad campaign that could pose potential threats to your company budget down the road.
  • Analyze the genre of the ad you would like to work with. Evaluate and find out the immediate requirements of your solar company.

For example, if you think there is an immediate need for digital posters for your assignment help business, then invest in the same, instead of hopping around a lot of other unnecessary digital ads.

5. It is equally crucial for you to boost Facebook ads

Apart from meeting the criteria of right Facebook ad placements, you got to invest enough time and expertise in boosting your ads. Unless your creations get the coveted exposure digitally, you won’t be able to attract a decent consumer base for your solar products and services. Especially when it comes to leveraging the potential of Facebook ads, there are certain metrics to consider and aspects to meet.

Here are some recommended steps that will help you to boost Facebook ads effectively.

  • Choose the particular post you want to boost. It is suggested to refrain from boosting multiple ads at a single go.
  • Once you are done selecting the post you want to boost, click the “Boost Post” button in the lower-right corner of the dialog box.

  • After clicking the “boost post button” you will be redirected to a menu where you can choose your target audience.
  • Now, click the “create new audience” option and get started with your Facebook ad post accordingly.
  • In the solar business, it is recommended to target a specific demographic based on age, location, and sex.
  • It will help you to segregate your consumers much more effectively, without the risk of mixing up with the parameters in terms of age group or locations to be targeted.
  • Now, you are supposed to set your budget for the coveted page boost.
  • After defining your target audience, choose to boost your ad based on the number of outreaches you want to secure for the post.
  • Facebook will prompt you to choose your preferred budget and “audience reach” in the form of calculated estimations such as:

  • Once you are done choosing your ad boost package, review the post carefully as displayed in the “Preview Post” box.
  • Now select the payment option and pay securely via trusted gateways such as VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and the likes.
  • Voila! You are all set to watch your solar ad post go live on Facebook.
  • Lastly, do not cling to the practice of changing your boosted Facebook ads frequently.
  • If the post has already made its presence felt among your target audience, then you should avoid being overly experimental with the content.

Remember, it is crucial for every individual to abide by the “Facebook ad boost” guidelines as mentioned above. Do not just post a random message and count as a post that would create an impression of excellence on your target audience. If you wish to make it big, and in a rightful manner, then embrace constructive ad posting strategies on Facebook for the maximum return on investment.

Key Takeaways,

I feel safe to assume that the blog will provide you with the right insights into the nitty-gritty of making the most of Facebook ads for the coveted solar sales conversion this year. Well, before signing off, let’s take a quick look at the essentials one must prioritize.

  • Hold productive brainstorm sessions with your marketing team.
  • Make your solar business page on Facebook engaging.
  • Never urge your customers to settle for lesser perks.
  • Focus on the aspect of effective Facebook ad placements.
  • Embrace a constructive approach to boost your Facebook ads for solar business.


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