strategies to attract visits to your website

strategies to attract visits to your website

Tactics to generate visits to your website whether it is a blog or a corporate website.
The online world has approached, as never before, the possibility of establishing direct communication with our public once we have basic information about it.

From experience, we know that many of the projects that are launched do not work due to lack of a critical mass of users and the question arises: how to get visits to my website.

For this reason, we present you with some strategies that you can adapt to your digital marketing to “attract” visitors to your website and convert them into leads or clients.

1- Advertise on Adwords

It is the ideal option when you are in a hurry and you already know how users are looking for you. Google or Bing have their own online ad systems where you can bid to appear at the top of the search engine in text format (they also have other options, such as the Display, in graphic or video format). These systems are known as SEM, for its acronym in English, Search Engine Marketing.

Every day, millions of ads are clicked that are focused on bringing people’s needs closer to those products that can satisfy their demand.

A perfect option if we have products to sell directly since we can reach users just when they are actively looking for it.

2- Work the organic positioning: SEO

In this case, we will also use search engines to attract those precious visitors to our website, but we will not pay directly for displaying an ad.

The objective here is to position our content at the top of the results. The position in which our content is displayed affects, to a large extent, the visits that we are going to receive because, as we already know, users usually stay with the first results.

To do SEO, for organic positioning, we have two types of basic strategies:

Search keyword long tail ( long tail in English) can allow us to position ourselves easier and find more relevant to the person accessing the website.
For example:

“ Digital marketing agency Barcelona ”

On the other hand, we can seek to position ourselves by more generic words, with a large number of searches and, therefore, more visits, because they are more general. But here we must not forget that it may require a lot of work to achieve it, or it may be almost impossible.
For example:


In any case, the goals of significant growth in visits can be delayed for months. Here is a list of SEO books that can help you.

3- Take advantage of segmented ads on social networks like Facebook

According to the typology of our products, we can use the segmentation capacity for interests, demographics, etc. Facebook to reach our content to a public for which it can be relevant through their ad systems.

It is ideal if we are clear about the person or niche profile that our product may be interested in.

4- Make email marketing campaigns

If we have a database with contacts, we can create email campaigns that generate interest in our readers so that they visit our site again.

The email also can be part of a strategy lead nurturing.

In any case, we must never forget how important it is to create a subject that is attractive enough to make them want to enter into our communication.

And, when they enter, we must have messages with links ( call to action in English) to the place where we want to direct our visitors to expand the information.

5- Re-publish your content adapting it to new graphic formats such as infographics, videos, or presentations

Perhaps not all content can be used in this way. But, in those cases that make sense, we can send the content to multiple platforms, with which we will gain inbound links and, therefore, we will also improve our SEO.

Look for those that can have a good graphic translation and sufficient quality, so that our future visitors wish to download or view it.

6- Search and collaborate with influential people in your sector

The excess of information to which we are subjected today makes users look for references to help us “separate the grain from the chaff”.

We can take advantage of a large amount of publicity that follows them so that they can be directed to our website, thanks to their mobilization capacity, seeking to make them an audience similar to ours.

7- Create a content marketing strategy

Enjoying content that is attractive will make us have loyal readers who will return, again and again, because they know the interest and quality of our information.

We should pay attention to some fundamental premises:

Be of quality and focused on the public we want to reach
Be designed to generate new business. Analyze possible keywords to create more and more content

8- Advertise in mass emails in your sector

There are external websites that have great relevance in the sector, or niche, to which we want to focus.

Let’s take the opportunity to advertise in your email communications. We combine visits and purchases in search of a good ROI.

9 – Create a referral promotion and encourage your project to be shared

A great advantage of referral systems is that we, as users, have a close circle of contacts who can reach out to our promotion and become trusted ambassadors for people they think may be of interest to them.

As a brand, they are doing a great job of targeting us. It is very common in direct sales products, such as Tupperware.

In the digital plane, we find examples such as Dropbox, which gives away megabytes of storage by bringing new users. It is a famous example within the so-called Growth hacking.

You can also work as a tactic within viral marketing taking advantage, once again, of the possibility of communicating so easily today.

10- Do not neglect public relations

Having a company that helps us spread corporate communications, promotions, access to traditional media channels, such as magazines or newspapers, can generate many sales, taking advantage of the large number of readers they have.

If we do not have large budgets or a well-known brand, our first strategy may be to make ourselves known in small blogs, more focused on our niche, for which our history may be more relevant and thus have a lever to seek a subsequent expansion.

As we see, there are many options to attract more visits to our website, and, normally, more than one can be used to create a continuous visit gear that will grow our business.

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