How to use Survey and Quizzes in Your Marketing Strategy

How to use Survey and Quizzes in Your Marketing Strategy

As marketing geeks, we work on different techniques to improve marketing strategy and brand promotion for the online world. We all know that content is king, and by this definition, the right content acts as fuel in all your marketing endeavors. But at times, we may not need content to drive performance because of various other techniques.

Many brands use Surveys and Quizzes for multiple purposes in various streams or fields. There are the best ways to use Surveys and Quizzes to engage your customers and add fun elements as they take your quiz.

Before we began to look at the technique will check out some ideas of using surveys and quizzes:

There are multiple uses of an online survey tool: to conduct market research, take customer feedback, run employee experience activities, and quizzes. Quizzes are primarily simple than other core products. Quizzes are generally used for games or mind sports where players (Team or individual) take the quiz and answer correctly. Mostly quizzes are used in education and similar fields to improve general knowledge, abilities, or skills.

How to use Surveys and Quizzes in your marketing strategy?

In marketing techniques, the two most important factors are your website, and another is the third-party website, either review, blogs, or business listing websites. The Survey and Quiz techniques, when implemented correctly in your marketing technique, will automatically help improve productivity and performance. The other method, which performs with the help of a third-party website, will help you to grow your business and build brand reputation.

Let’s look at a few best strategies which will help to improve the performance and productivity of your website.

Website Feedback Survey

The Website feedback survey helps you to collect feedback from your website visitors or customers. It’s is one of the best techniques to get direct feedback or reviews from your customers. 

How does this technique help for marketing?

As we see above, some techniques are best to improve your performance and productivity, and this is the best marketing technique to get feedback.

Another thing is, if the customer has a satisfying experience with your product or service, they give you authentic feedback, this feedback process will help you to gather the customer feedback data. Use that data to improve your productivity and growth. For any organization, it’s more important to manage its brand reputation and customer engagement.

Brand Awareness Survey:

A brand awareness survey lets you speak volumes about your brand. Sometimes it is only for users seeking brand attention, and most of the time, we use brand surveys to gather data for product reviews, customer feedback, or to know the customer perception about the brand.

How to use Survey and Quizzes in Your Marketing Strategy?

Establish a partnership with other brands through Press Release or other content distribution platforms. Create surveys on any trending or research-based topics and gather the data and distribute the report with a particular brand or platform.

Market Research Survey

Market research survey helps in the easy collection of data. Collect information and analyze market status in terms of customer thoughts and competition. Market research is not only helpful for the start-up but also to establish a business for those who want to know the market status and product demand. For marketing purposes, we can distribute a market search survey that will help you to promote your brand. Once you share the survey, it will show to all like XYZ company has launched a market research survey that will increase your brand values.

Short Quiz on your blog

Often lengthy content decreases the interest of readers, but can we do anything to make our content more attractive and gather attention? There are many things like adding HQ images, GIFs, videos, and a short fun game quiz, yes, Quiz.

Let’s take an example:

If you are talking about lifestyle in your blog and add a short quiz about a lifestyle watch or anything related to lifestyle that will attract the user, and of course, the audience will take that quiz.

Benefits of this activity:

It will increase the time duration of your readers on your blog.

It will help you to get data through that quiz.

Every action which is unique from others will leave a good impact, and visitors will remember your brand for a longer time.

Let’s look at some of the external marketing techniques of Survey and Quiz that will increase your brand popularity.

Quiz Distribution:

It’s not difficult to find what is trending in the world or your business targeted location. For instance, if your company is US-based, research on the trending topics in the United States and create a quiz on that. Distribute the questionnaire on social media or other platforms, gather the data, and publish that report with the help of any reputed online platforms.

Weekly Quiz

We are all aware of the concept of weekly news latter, the same as weekly quizzes help you in marketing growth such as brand promotion, driving traffic, and customer engagement. Create a short 5 to 10 questions quiz on your website. I like the way the BBC is doing this activity for the weekly quiz. One of the best ways of marketing use of quizzes.

What are the tools you should use?

Here we had gone through both survey and quiz marketing strategies, but to implement these strategies, we need to create a survey or quiz for that we required a tool that can help us to create a questionnaire or survey. Here are some tools I would like to recommend to those who provide you with both quiz and survey creation in one platform. There are many surveys and quiz platforms in the market, such as Google Form, and SoGoSurvey, to name a few.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a market research project or a dissertation that needs genuine results to evaluate marketing efforts, it’s best advisable to run a few quizzes or polls and get easy hands-on data.

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