Know about TamilRockers and Isaimini

Know about TamilRockers and Isaimini

TamilRockers and Isaimini are illegal torrent-based websites that provide you with copyright-protected content such as movies, TV serials, and web series for free of cost. TamilRockers recently has created headlines in many news channels as they have leaked the recently released Kamal Hasan starrer Vikram on their platform.

TamilRockers and Isaimini both are based on southern Indian soil and mainly focused on the movies that are created in the south portion of India along with that, they also have a vast range of content such as Hollywood movies, Hollywood TV series, Bollywood movies, Hindi Web series, etc.

What are the benefits of TamilRockers Isaimini?

The most important benefit TamilRockers and Isaimini provide you, is that they are free of cost all you have to pay is the data uses bill that you are using while browsing the website or downloading movies from their website you don’t pay for the content exclusively this benefits the lower middle class you can’t afford to buy the subscription of these paint streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar and others.

What is the difference between Isaimani and other streaming services?

Apart from being free of cost another main difference between Isaimini and other streaming services is that Isaimini is heavily focused on the regional content, which means you will find a vast range, holding a gamut of Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam content in Isaimini, which are probably not available in other streaming services and that too is free of cost. Because of these reasons Isaimini and TamilRockers are gaining more popularity among a certain class of people that dominates the population in terms of numbers.

How do they work

Both TamilRockers and Isaimini are illegal Torrent based websites that provide free content. Due to their violation of the copyright law, the governments of countries are constantly trying to put their URL down but due to the nature of torrent services, it is impossible to do that. Once anything gets into the Torrent network, it stays there forever. The example of TamilRockers and Isaimini is nothing different.

How to use Isaimini?

As Isaimini is not banned in India there is no requirement of using any VPN. In case you don’t know what a VPN is, VPN stands for the virtual private network. What it does is, it allows you to tap into another country’s server and access the desired website from that country’s server itself.

Getting popular day by day with an increasing number of internet surfers. VPN is easily available in Google Play Store and Microsoft store. But that is another topic for another time as neither of these two sides doesn’t use VPN. We will not be discussing VPN here and now.
So back to the process of using Isaimini: as there is no requirement for VPN use just have to simply search for TamilRockers for money in the Google search bar or any other of your preferred search engine.

As you get into their website you have to log in it’s your basic email id and password to access their content with a smooth experience.
As you go to their homepage you can see the whole range of popular movies and TV series are sorted in different sections very neatly, For you to choose from them what you want to watch.
Isaimini has music videos and Tamil music ringtones available on their website too. That makes it really unique. All of this is available on their website for free for you and is very easy to access.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

It is an illegal practice, of course, as mentioned before. But it is a boon for a certain class of people in developing or underdeveloped countries. Discussing from a legal viewpoint, of course, it is unethical and harmful for the product as this kind of service wreaks havoc on the generation of revenue as expected by the creators and artists, and producers involved in the creation of the product.

Some websites leak newly released movies at the very earliest such as within two days or sometimes even the very day of release, and the number of moviegoers drastically go down because of this kind of incident.

But if the movie has a large fanbase and provides a whole other experience when being watched in a cinema theater then the torrent leaks do not affect the revenue generation as hard as it does for the other kind of movies where the difference between watching them at home and watching them in the movie theater is not much. Because of that, it is harmful in every way for the producers but it does not destroy the earth as they claim

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