The 6R’s: 6 Cloud Migration Strategies

The 6R’s: 6 Cloud Migration Strategies

As we have already mentioned on other occasions, migration to the cloud brings a series of benefits to companies that are interesting in the current Internet age. Cloud migration is the order of the day and organizations are developing plans to approach this process in a way that works best for them. Today we will look at the six most common Cloud migration strategies.

Six most common Cloud migration strategies.

1. Rehosting (also known as lift-and-shift)

It consists of replicating a system that already exists on a cloud platform. This system can cause problems, since those existing errors will be migrated to the cloud. However, it is a quick and easy system to implement.

2. Re-platform.

It consists of redesigning the platform that is being used. In order to implement it, a prior business analysis is required to identify those functions that must be eliminated.

3. Repurchase.

It is the famous pay per use. Those licenses that are used are purchased based on the use that will be given to it and allows to generate savings in infrastructure.

4. Refactor.

This is a more detailed and advanced process, as well as an expensive one, that consists of re-architecting applications and processes to get the most out of the cloud. It allows better control of billing, scalability and support.

5. Retain.

In this case, the application is kept as it is since there is no system that meets the needs of the company. In this way it is preferable to maintain the system that already exists.

6. Remove.

With this system, all the aspects that are no longer needed and that were only generating unnecessary expenditure of budget and resources are eliminated. What no longer serves is turned off and discarded.

In order to choose the option that best suits the business, it is advisable to carry out an internal study of the needs and, in case of doubt, ask professionals such as be Services who can guarantee a successful change.


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