The Dyson Air wrap Complete Hair Styler HS01 review

The Dyson Air wrap Complete Hair Styler HS01 review

When the Dyson Airwrap hit the shelves earlier this year, I want to be scoffing. Certainly, no hairdresser could be well worth the exorbitant price of £ 400 within the name of fairness, I attempted to achieve it with an open mind and verified the range.

Should I choose the “Airwrap Volume + Shape Styler”, ideal for straight hair? Or should I buy the right “Airwrap Smooth + Control Styler” for unruly and frizzy hair? I had a tug.

My hair is soft and controllable, fine, wavy, and subject to frizz in classic English weather or after a slight rush to the bus. I’m not lucky? The other deliberation was the actual fact that since I shared a house with my two teenage daughters, there has been no supporting myself by this splendid brute. Girl 1 has fine, wavy, and fine hair; girl two has straight, thick hair. Hmm … again Then, I stopped. Unable to make up my mind, I didn’t want to distribute out £ 400, albeit they promised me perfect calm waves with no frizz insight it’s been too risky.

Everyone greets God Dyson and never stops. Now they have to find the solution to my hair problems.

The Dyson Airwrap Complete Hair Styler is subtitled “Gift of Wonder” by Dyson the price really causes fear and respect within the hearts of the various. It costs £ 50 quite the standard Airwrap salon, so it’s no wonder it’s during a gold case. But this is commonly the deciding factor, you’ve got all the Airwrap components. So, there are 6 different components to the top of Dyson’s almighty wand, in Dyson’s words, “curl, wave, straighten and blow-dry multiple hair types without extreme heat.”

I will detail the attachments here for you:

1. Pre-styling dryer:

Bring wet to wet hair, ready to style.

2. 30mm Airwrap barrels:

Create and define curls or voluminous waves. With barrels clockwise and counterclockwise for a symmetrical loop.

3. 40mm Airwrap barrels:

Create and define loose curls or waves. With barrels clockwise and counterclockwise for symmetrical loops.

4. Soft smoothing brush:

It creates a smooth, dry finish. With soft bristles with a spherical nose designed to be gentle on the scalp.

5. Firm smoothing brush:

Create a straighter style with less frizz and fewer frills (compared to untreated hair). With firm bristles designed to managed unruly and frizzy hair

6. Round volumizing brush:

It directs air into the hair for the body, and thus hairs create tension to shape the hair because it dries.

I love the 30mm Airwrap barrel, so smart that for batter than standard pliers where you’ve got clumsily hold your hair during a suit, gently sucking the hair around the barrel like some quite magnetic kinetic magic. No more burnt fingers or tight ends. Girl # 2 loves the “ soft straightening brush ” accessory for her long, straight, thick hair and girl # 1 uses the “ around the brush ” for a slight facelift on her fine hair: Both love Airwrap barrels for buckles on exits.

So is it a “gift of wonder”? It really the foremost expensive beauty/care item I even have ever seen. But it’s absolutely wonderful. With me, if you plan to buy 3 different devices for each of our hair types and you’d like them to undertake an honest job and not curl your hair, it’ll not be cheap. It’s surely an incredible quality best hair dryer that has all your styling and drying needs in one. Whether you share it or buy it for yourself and for various occasions or hair moods, it’s an excellent device.

If you’ll afford it and wish to treat yourself, do it. If you share it, it makes even more sense. We don’t have the Dyson Supersonic blow dryer, it really wasn’t worthwhile for my fine hair that dries so fast anyway, so it helps that I didn’t pay that too. Talented on behalf of me and my daughters, the only problem we’ve with Airwrap Complete is the tail to use it. No more fighting over the shower, no matter if we don’t wash, the battle is on for Airwrap.

We put a link here for shopping at John Lewis as it’s currently the only price (£ 80 cheaper than Amazon when reviewed) which they provide 12-month interest-free credit plus a further warranty that helps reduce bites.

We beloved using the Dyson AirWrap styler on our longer length, naturally wavy hair, and might see and feel the difference whenever we tend to use it. Curls are bouncy and glossy, swish designs are a lot polished and less frizzly, and overall, our hair feels silkier and happier as a result of we tend to not cremate it whenever we dry and elegance.

Is this fascinating new multi-tool artisan right for you? Any manner you slice it the Dyson AirWrap is incredibly big-ticket. therefore, the answer comes right down to your hair kind, what proportion you’re keen on styling your hair and the way vital your hairstyle is to your confidence level. And, of course, however vital it’s for you to dry and elegance your hair in an exceedingly non-damaging manner, and quicker too than if you were exploiting multiple tools.

Pavan Kumar

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