7 Basic tools beginner carpenters must own.

7 Basic tools beginner carpenters must own.

Carpentry is an art. An art of expressing oneself with wood. Not different colors of different shades, but a single color of different shades. A wood crafted into a piece that radiates the thoughts and emotions of he who created it. Unlike poets who can blow emotions into a withering tree, carpenters take the withering tree and craft it into a piece that needs no words to express itself. A 3D picture worth a thousand words. Not that poets are no artists. They are artists who use the canvas of words. But since we’re talking about carpenters, they’re the subject of focus for now.

And just like every other artist, carpenters need tools. Just like poets need a pen and paper. Or perhaps a laptop or phone in 2020. The greater the variety of tools, the more mesmerizing the piece of art will turn out. Fine artists know this very well. And although more fancy tools are good to have, sometimes the use of simple tools just can’t be ignored.


Not a tool of an expectation of course. The pencil has been lying around so much we have started to underrate it. The importance gets highlighted only when we can’t find it around and start messing with the workplace. Ask people and kids around if they can lend you a pencil because you need to mark your woods. Because unless you don’t mark your measurements, you can destroy your art completely.

He who dares deny it’s important shall prove it by completing his work without one.

Vacuum Cleaner:

Are you even a carpenter if you don’t have a workplace filled with sawdust and wood shards? And are you even a human to be working in such a mess? The answer to you being a good carpenter and a good human at the same time is to have a vacuum cleaner.

Not only can sawdust make you look like a carpenter and a bad human at the same time. Being particulate can cause damage to the machinery lying around. Moreover, it won’t be the most beautiful scene of you inhaling the dust and ending up in a hospital.

Hence having a vacuum cleaner lying around is quite handy and healthy too. It makes you look clean, prevents lung problems, and protects your machinery. Unless it’s the vacuum cleaner you brought from home. in which case, you should keep it where it belongs and go get a new one.

Table saw:

Is carpentry even carpentry without the background music of table saws running in full volume? Carpenters use table saws a lot. It’s one of the handiest tools in carpentry ever. And it’s evident why it’s far better than a normal mechanical saw. Save time, save energy, and promise precision. Something a normal Manual saw does not guarantee, unless you’re highly skilled and confident.

A major part of woodwork is cutting and slicing. A table saw is one of the first few things beginner carpenters must-have.

Power drill:

Another must-have tool for the young carpenters. It’s hard to imagine a carpenter without one of those cute little power drills in his hand walking around and joining blocks of wood. The irony of cutting the wood using a table saw and joining them back using a power drill. The difference is, you cut the unsealed wood and join it back into a beautiful shape.

True that glues are very good at making things stick together. Power drills are a better option when digging into large projects. These very powerful, less expensive, and cordless drills must always be resting on carpenter’s shelves.


Almost every time a person is busy doing some carpentry art, He needs someone to hold the other end of the wood for him. The artist might not notice this but this can be quite frustrating for the other person. Hence to avoid irritating people around by asking them to help you out, get a piece of clamps.

The clamps will hold your project for an infinite period of time while you work on it. Their hold is also very strong. Unlike the boy you called the other day who had recurrent fatigues in his arms by holding onto the wood too tight too long.

Clamps are also useful when using glue and letting the woods stick overnight. They will nullify the possibility of the two pieces sliding against each other due to slimy glue and giving a bad shape.


Balance is the most attractive thing on earth. Everything feels good when balanced. Life, emotions, work, sleep, beds, tables, chairs, etc, etc.

To bring balance to life, carpenters, along with philosophers and psychologists, play an important part. After all, no one likes to sleep on an imbalanced bed after a long day at work. Or sit on an imbalanced chair during an important meeting. No one likes to have a warm glass of milk spilled when placed on an imbalanced table.

To bring balance to their work, carpenters need Levels. These help them determine if their project is balanced on a single level or not. And trust me, if it’s not balanced, no one is going to buy it. Now, do you get the idea of why Levels are so important? They level your income too.

Palm sanders:

Everything looks more attractive when it has a nice finishing touch. Palm sanders bring you the beautiful smooth touch everyone desires.

Palm sanders fit perfectly in the palm of hands, hence the name. Moreover, they only use ¼ of the normal sandpaper.

True that normal sandpapers are very useful and sometimes used in places where palm sanders can’t be used. But most of the time, palm sanders do the job quickly, neatly, and without using much muscular energy. These must always be with a carpenter along with normal sandpaper. Because unless the final product does not have an appealing look, it will not generate income.


Besides all the other tools a beginner carpenter must have, he must also have a perspective of the scope. Starting a carpentry service in an area poorly defined by luxury won’t be a great idea. Because of greater the love of luxury among the people of a place, more potential will a business hold. An example would be Dubai, a city defined by luxury. But before starting your Carpentry services Dubai business, you must know that carpentry is an art. And art reflects emotions poured into it during its creation.

Carpentry is an art. Art is a luxury. People love art when it conveys a message. Your work must be a masterpiece in itself that brings luxury to the homes of people of luxurious cities along with conveying your feelings. Feelings of Love. Reflections of Passion and Desires of Perfection. That’s how you make your mark.

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