Top 7 Digital Marketing Companies in 2022

Top 7 Digital Marketing Companies in 2022

Were you looking for the best digital marketing companies?

Digital marketing is a huge world that exists with the aim of promoting your business or brand on the digital plane.

For that, there are digital marketing companies that are dedicated to creating strategies for social networks, productions, mailing campaigns, SEO positioning, content, ad campaigns, and much more.

Digital marketing agencies are your fastest and most efficient link to scale your company to an accelerated level on the digital plane.

If you are a small company, you will surely prefer to hire a freelancer or have someone in-house do this work, but for medium and large companies where the competition grows more every day, it is necessary to have a work team dedicated to helping you with your marketing actions. on-line.

Best digital marketing companies

Here are the top 7 largest digital marketing companies and agencies in the world.

These are also companies that have inspired me when creating my own digital marketing agency and that is why they are highly recommended.

In addition, their awards, jobs and clients support their expertise and make them the best agencies in the world.

1. Middle Siege

Siege Media is a New York-based SEO and content marketing agency that works with major brands like Audible, Airbnb, Casper, and Trip Advisor.

Therefore its services include:

SEO positioning through link building
Content writing and editorial strategy
Graphic design

As they themselves describe it “we are an agency focused on data and on finding opportunities where your competitors are not, we create content that they cannot match.”

And to tell the truth it is something that they certainly do.

I have studied Casper ‘s strategy for some time (one of Siege Media’s clients) since one of my clients wants to base himself on said strategy and we find that they position themselves with a huge link building and with a lot of creativity for very important keywords in the field.

They rank first for most relevant keywords and usually do so with either category pages or informative buying guides like this one.

For me, Siege Media is without a doubt one of the best digital marketing agencies and companies in the world. His work backs him up.

2. Cubicle Ninjas

Cubicle Ninjas is an agency from Chicago (United States) that surprises with the variety of its services. They are a full digital agency that does everything from SEO and Inbound Marketing to drone filming and productions.

Its five main services are:

  • Consulting and market research: audits, SEO audits , keyword research , buyer person, interviews and focus groups.
  • Branding and design: copywriting and storytelling, Inbound marketing, brand identity, mobile design and web design.
  • Web and applications: augmented reality, front end, virtual reality and all WordPress.
  • New technologies: 3d modeling, biometrics and prototyping.
  • Video production and animation: drones, 360 videos, motion graphics, script writing and more.

They have also worked with major clients such as Diners Club, Fox and Activision.

3. Luminary

The Luminary agency is one of the oldest digital marketing agencies in Australia. They are known for working on complex web projects but also on digital transformation and user experience processes.

With their 21 years of operation, they have received 139 awards and have also planted 4,420 trees to reduce the impact of their carbon footprint.

Among their services they have:

  • User experience design
  • digital strategy
  • digital transformation
  • hosting
  • platforms
  • Web design and development

But as a large agency, they have been able to specialize in some market niches such as NGOs, businesses with a digital presence focused on the consumer, e-commerce, retail, and retirement.

A work that stands out from this firm is the one they did with the Melbourne Airport . Access was slow and finding flight information was difficult.

The Luminary team rebuilt the site and gave it that light that one of the busiest airports in the world was missing.

They improved the software that managed the processes, information content, and user experience to come across a fresher, more user-friendly website. The result left a website with 56% improvements in loading speed and for the work they received the award for Best Integration in 2017 by Kentico Site of the Year Awards.

Other clients include Save The Children , Melbourne Business School , and Veggycation.

4. Hex

The Hex team knows how to do things right.

This London, England-based marketing company works with big name brands like Michael Kors, Wilson, Warner Bros and Transport for London.

Their services are described as fluid collaboration based on strategic thinking. Their team of professionals are knowledgeable across all digital disciplines and have developed a working method where as many perspectives as possible can be considered to drive the development of ideas for ambitious brands.

For this reason, your team is capable of facing not only any digital challenge, but also challenges from business areas that may seem complex.

This is the case of the project for the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University.

They developed a website and brand identity in collaboration with academics, who helped the Hex team understand complicated charts and diagrams, then translate them into easy-to-understand visuals. A complex project to understand, but that the company was able to solve and take it to another level.

The new visual branding and website defined a new direction for the department and set it high above the other departments.

The main services of the agency are:

  • analytics
  • Animation and live broadcasts
  • AI/UX/UI Design
  • Web development
  • e-commerce
  • hosting
  • influencer outreach
  • marketing performance
  • digital strategy

5. Juice

From New York, the Juice agency has managed to stand out among the best marketing companies on the market.

Juice is an integrated digital marketing agency and has a focus on maximizing ROI for all of their clients. They have successfully done so in user acquisition, email, and lead generation campaigns for the brands they work with.

They are undoubtedly leaders in the industry and are known for their work in developing results-driven growth strategies, social media advertising, search engine marketing, organic search ranking and lead generation.

The services they work with are:

  • social media advertising
  • search engine advertising
  • SEO
  • Social Media Management
  • email marketing
  • Copywriting and content marketing.

Some big-name clients who have gone through this marketing company include Paris Hilton, Buzzfeed, and Kenneth Cole.

6. LyfeMarketing

They have no problem showing how good they are.

The Lyfe Marketing agency offers social media management services, search engines, and web design mainly. The agency has received awards in 2020 for its work in social media management and also for being among the B2B service providers with the highest customer satisfaction and brand integrity.

Based in Atlanta (United States), the company manages social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for large companies and helps them establish the right online presence to grow and achieve their goals.

Without a doubt, they are specialists in everything that has to do with social networks and their services specialize in:

  • Social Media Management
  • social media advertising
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Search engines
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Management
  • Graphic and web design
  • Consulting and coaching
  • product photography
  • content marketing

Notable case studies include Hilton Hotels and Domino’s Pizza.

7. Major Tom

With offices in Canada in the cities of Toronto and Vancouver and in New York in the United States, the Major Tom agency could not be left out of this publication.

This digital marketing company has as its premise to take a step back to each new action and evolution of marketing to be able to observe the general panorama. His four pillars to create your work strategy are exploration, strategy, execution and optimization.

In this way they identify the best path in this digital world to achieve goals, highlight the tactics that could bring them success and improve what needs to be improved.

They are all contemplatives.

The truth is that this way of working has brought them many good results, so much so that they have driven brands such as Canon, Pirelli, L’Oreal and Expedia to achieve their goals.

A client that they outline as one of their best success stories is the Cirque du Soleil .

For them, they developed a campaign aimed at a very specific audience, the Chinese-speaking population in Vancouver for the Totem show. They created a website translated into Chinese, with the aim of selling tickets for the show and at the same time raising awareness about the importance of this population in Canada. Added to this was a campaign in digital media, social networks and search engines.

The result was a success. More than 16,000 visits to the web, more than 1,250 tickets sold and an online conversion of 10x.

It is that their services, in addition to being complete, are many and they know how to perform them very well.

They have a great menu of services in four areas, strategy, creativity, development and marketing. Here I mention some:

  • Digital and brand strategy
  • e-commerce
  • Brand identity and storytelling
  • UI and UX design
  • Development and web design, in addition to WordPress
  • Amazon Consulting and HubSpot
  • SEO
  • Media planning and social networks.
  • Marketing in Chinese
  • Analytics


These 7 marketing companies have my attention with the work they do and of course they work as a role model for me to implement some of their actions in my digital marketing agency .

I hope you can review them and also learn from the strategies, differences and experience that each of them has.

What is your favorite marketing company? Leave it in the comments!

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