The usefulness of #hashtags on Instagram

The usefulness of #hashtags on Instagram

The Hashtags on Instagram work the same way a road sign works. A road sign directs the passengers to the right path where they want to go out. A road sign drives traffic to a specific road directing towards a specific direction.
When you use Instagram hashtags, your posts start showing to the relevant users that might interested to see your posts. When people may search for a specific hashtag or keyword, your post is expected to be shown in results. I hope you know understood how I relate hashtags on Instagram to the road signs.

Are Instagram Hashtags Useful, YES OR NO?

Who doesn’t want to become popular with his or her Instagram profile? You get more followers and more likes by using the correct hashtags. Using hashtags and how you use them on Instagram is very important. You can read how to do this correctly in this article.

Who hasn’t seen them on Insta posts? We are talking about hashtags. Hashtags are words that are behind this sign “#”. Hashtags on Instagram are keywords that you can add to a photo you post. When you use the search function within Instagram, you are basically looking for posts with matching hashtags. If these keywords are not with your photo, you will most likely not be found. Not being found means that there will be no likes on your post, or that it will give you a new follower.

How to use hashtags?

How to use hashtags? You use a hashtag descriptively. This means that the word tells something about what you see in the photo. The better the match, the more it will yield. Many people do not use relevant keywords and therefore miss the point.

People who use the search function on Instagram are looking for something specific. Of course, you want to reach these people, because you want to form a match. The better the match, the more likely you are to like a post and get a new follower.

Example with a shoe

We give you a nice example here with an accompanying image. You post a photo of your new shoes. You try to describe the shoes as well as possible using hashtags. People who enter these keywords in the search function will arrive at your post much faster.

Golden Tip: being unique is better

The more unique the hashtags, the more targeted your target group is. More than 225 million people are active on the word fitness. The chance that your post will be shown at #fitness is very small. The hashtags #fitness instructor is only used 21,000 times, so you will be visible much faster. The lower the number, and therefore the more unique the tag is, the more the yield will be. Focusing on large numbers is shooting with hail.

Use English tags

By using English hashtags, you not only focus on the smaller market, where competition is lower but in many cases, you also reach more people. Especially when you use Instagram for business purposes and marketing, it is smarter to focus on the English keywords.

More likes and followers help with findability

Likes and followers can help to make the post better found. Search for a few hashtags yourself and see which profiles are shown. Often these are the profiles with 2000+ followers and 100+ likes. You can do this yourself. You can get likes for your photos and get Instagram followers for your Instagram profile by following some easy helpful steps discussed in this article. The number of followers on your profile and the number of likes on your posts play a vital role in expressing the reputation of your account. Therefore, the number is a factor.

Reach specific target group

If you want to reach a specific target group on Instagram without setting up a paid campaign, we have a very nice product, which is very effective and many times cheaper, namely our automation package. By automating you get the real activity that is good for your profile and your ranking. In addition, you build your fame and you get real followers, real likes, and real reactions from your target group! Read more about automating your profile here.

Hashtags tracking on Instagram is being tested

Instagram reportedly does a new feature test that allows you to do just that. Would you like to receive messages by subject? It may well be possible soon, Instagram says to the press. The social media giant is still testing, but in a while, the members of Instagram can expect a new function. Currently, Instagram only lets you follow people. It’s a system that works, but it doesn’t help you keep up to date with trending hashtags or custom hashtags.

Subjects according to, but without overload

Instagram is working on a new feature that will allow members to follow not only people but also hashtags. The test allows users to directly follow topics of interest based on hashtags on Instagram. For example, if you love surfing, you do not have to follow surfers, simply the word surfing. To ensure that no overload of posts appears on your feed, Instagram will only show you the most recent and popular posts.

Much like Twitter

With Twitter, your apps like Tweet Deck or Hoot suite use specific hashtags to follow and maintain them instead of searching manually for every time. The ability to follow hashtags on Instagram will work much the same way. This would also change the way we use Instagram. Users would be able to keep better tabs on topics of interest to them and it could also be very helpful to keep an overview of the latest news.

Please be patient

So far, the feature has only been shown to the press briefing, so it seems like a limited test for now. Instagram declined to share more information, but experimental features often end on a large scale. This #segment usage seems particularly useful, so I can imagine that it is only a matter of time before all the hashtags- liken start.


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