Top Web Design and Development Technologies and Frameworks You Should Know in 2020

Top Web Design and Development Technologies and Frameworks You Should Know in 2020

Web development goes back to the 20th century, when Tim Berners-Lee, a renowned scientist from Britain, invented WWW (World Wide Web). Since then, additionally, we have seen various advancements in the field of web design and development technologies. Today, there are tonnes of job and business opportunities in web development. The software industry is also one of the most booming sectors as of now. With the advancements in the industry, there is a sea of new tech and frameworks. We are in the year 2020, where 2/3rd of web users are mobile users. Thus, now we are witnessing modern and responsive frameworks quite frequently. So, let’s dive deeper and see the top web design and development technologies with structures you should know in 2020.

What is Web Development?

Web development is the work that goes into developing and modifying a website. The following are the main aspects of web development:

  • Web Design
  • Content Development
  • Scripting (Client and Server)
  • Interface
  • Security
  • Usability

Best Web Design and Development Technologies


AI and Machine Learning have come a long way in web design and development. All social media platforms make good use of AI. It has also deployed its beautiful features, the most prominent one being Chatbots.

Chatbots improve your experience by conversing with you through the website customer support whenever you face a problem and need a solution. You can always send a text in the chat window of a website when you need some help. Chatbots are there for you 24/7.

Because of their availability and functionality, they are always preferred as the top choice for customer support by companies. Other than Chatbots, there is AR and VR for helping in developing a top-class website.

Motion UI

UI is a vital aspect of web design and development because a useful UI indirectly provides excellent results for your site. Therefore, having an easy-to-navigate and well-categorized page is always good for you. An advancement in UI we can see is Motion UI.

It creates animations and transitions at a very high speed. You can make the most of Motion UI by using the banners, headers, and CSS transitions optimally.

Response Animation Idle Load (RAIL)

RAIL stands for Response Animation Idle Load. It is relatively new and majorly helps in reducing the loading time of a site. This is an essential aspect because the attention span of a user is no more than 3 seconds. If it takes longer than that, they might leave.

Here is where RAIL comes into play. It can reduce the loading time of a website to as small as 1 second, thus improving the user experience.


Most of you might have heard of IoT, better known as the Internet of Things. For those who don’t, it is a vast network of interlinked computing devices. All significant devices that we use are connected and operating through websites, which means almost every device with a simple switch can be connected to the Internet.

According to a study, 15.4 million devices were interlinked to the Internet, as of 2015. And as of 2020, it has doubled and almost reached 30.75 million devices. Moreover, it is about to touch 75 million devices by the year 2025. Because of the steeply inclined advancement of IoT, it is fair to consider IoT as the future of web design and development.

Web development has come a long way since Tim Berners-Lee’s invention of the World Wide Web in the 20th century. In today’s digital age, it’s not just about designing websites; it’s about creating dynamic and responsive online experiences. As we step into 2020, a year where mobile internet usage surpasses traditional desktop access, the demand for web technologies that adapt to this trend is ever-growing. Amidst this tech evolution, it’s essential to stay informed about the latest advancements in web design and development. However, just as web development continuously evolves, so does the need for solutions like Cialis tadalafil in certain aspects of life. This medication, known for its effectiveness, is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to enhance their quality of life. So, whether you’re navigating the dynamic world of web technologies or exploring options for a better tomorrow, staying informed is the first step.


Blockchain has revolutionized web design and development. Today, almost all apps and sites use Blockchain for storing their data. It has gained much trust with its high security.

Blockchain excludes third parties and increases transparency and efficiency. Furthermore, it also helps in reducing various costs.

Best Frameworks You Should Know

React JS

React JS is an open-source framework maintained by Facebook to build an interface. It is a front-end framework. Therefore it has much to do with the interface of a website. React JS can be used to develop 1-page apps.

It makes use of JSX, an extension to JavaScript, therefore, you must know JSX for knowing React. It is the primary choice for developers familiar with JS.

Angular JS

Another open-source front-end framework using JavaScript is a well-known platform for web design and development. It is comparatively more accessible than its fellow front-end platform, React JS. As Angular is quite easy to learn and implement, you must consider using Angular.

Unlike React, Google maintains Angular JS. For learning, there are various offline and online courses for Angular JS.


Symfony is a popular open-source PHP framework for web design and development. It is a little complex to learn, but it is also popular among the PHP community. Symfony is so popular because we can use it to build cutting-edge apps.

Huge companies like Stack, Accenture, and Trivago use Symfony. You can consider it as your first choice for building top-notch mobile apps.


Unlike React and Angular, Django uses python for web design and development. Django has notable features like messaging and authentication. It is used by 11,000 developers all over the world, across 166 countries. Django also makes use of the Don’t Repeat Yourself framework, better known as DRY.

It saves you time because you don’t need to rewrite a code you already wrote once. Django saves and assembles it for you. Big companies like YouTube and Instagram use this platform.

Cake PHP

Cake PHP is an open-source framework written in PHP. It is quite old, but it is still going as smoothly as ever, only because it accepts changes. A large number of Web apps are built using Cake because it is simple, fast, and time-consuming as it doesn’t make you write complete code. It makes use of the Model View Controller (MVC). Cake PHP is quick, flexible, secure, and easy to understand.


There are a lot of similar points between each of the frameworks, but still, they have their specific purposes and features. The list of web design and development technologies with their contexts will help you in short-listing the best ones suitable for you to work with. It is always good to try working with each one of them and then come to a conclusion for a final decision.

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