Businesses have taken it seriously to build their online platforms. So, there are a large number of businesses building their online presence and launching their website to create their brand awareness globally. This has increased the work of web developers and designers as they need to design the websites instantly as per the business demands.

Now being a web designer or developer, you need to deal with several clients and sometimes it might be a great headache. But you can’t ignore them because they are the ones who are going to pay you for your hard work.

Since you are into the business of building online presence platform, you might have got an idea about website hosting too. Also, your clients might be taking your suggestion for that. They might be asking your help to find the best web host for their website. You might be recommending them different names which you know are performing their best in the market.

Have you ever thought that you too can sell the web hosting services? Yes that’s really possible! Just buy reseller hosting India plans from a good web host and start with your web hosting business. It’s very hard to find the web hosting provider that offers you the best reseller hosting plans at affordable prices.

MilesWeb is one of the popular names in the web hosting industry that offers best and cheap reseller hosting plans to help you start with the web hosting business.

MilesWeb in Brief

Started in India in 2012, MilesWeb aims at offering the cutting edge technology on their servers to fulfil the demands of growing businesses. They offer several web hosting services right from basic shared hosting to scalable cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, etc.

If you face any technical challenges, their team is available 24/7 via live chat and email to resolve the issue. Additionally, if you aren’t getting your demands fulfilled and want to leave their service, they allow you to take your money back. You can claim for the refund within 30 days of the service purchase.

How to Earn Money with Reseller Hosting? | MilesWeb

Reliability and Performance

Uptime is the amount of time your website remains up and running online for your visitors to browse. Several hosting providers offer an uptime of between 98% and 99.99%.

It isn’t possible to offer an uptime of 100% because even big sites face downtime occasionally. Therefore, a near uptime of 100% uptime is provided.

MilesWeb offers 99.95% uptime which is a great amount of uptime. Not bad at all. They have their Tier-3 a Tier-4 datacenters which offer the best uptime and stability to your website.

Reseller Hosting Plans

Customer Reviews

Reseller Hosting Features

  • Free Migration: Tired with waiting for long to get your queries resolved? Switch to MilesWeb. They allow you to migrate your website for free without any charges. You need to inform the time of migration to them and they will migrate it for you without any data loss. They have years of experience in website migrate which have made them expert.
  • Free SSL Certificate: As visitors are continuously purchasing from your website and sharing their personal information while checking out, you need to keep the data safe. Therefore, SSL certificates are installed for free on all the websites hosted at MilesWeb. Apart from security, it helps in building the trust of your visitors as well as takes your website up in the search engine ranking.
  • Free Domain Reseller: Want to earn more? They allow you to sell domains and earn more with your reseller hosting. The free domain reseller account allows you to sell 400 plus extensions and TLDs.
  • Host Unlimited Websites: You can host multiple websites under one cPanel account. There isn’t any restriction on number of hosting websites as they allow you to host unlimited domains.
  • 100% White Labelled: Sell the web hosting services using your own brand name and identity. Your customers won’t find the name of MilesWeb anywhere and so your clients will buy hosting under your brand name. The 100% white labelled hosting feature makes this easily possible.
  • 100% SSD Storage: In comparison to HDDs,SSDs offer the best performance as. The flash technology helps them to store data instantly and ultimately boost your website’s performance.
  • Web Host Manager (WHM): WHM makes it possible for you to create and manage multiple cPanel accounts with unlimited websites and emails.
  • cPanel Control Panel: The cPanel’s access can be give to your clients for managing their domains, emails and websites from a user-friendly web-based interface. Even you can monitor your disk space and bandwidth usage, get the rights to suspend, unsuspend as well as terminate the accounts of your clients.
  • One-Click Installer: Install as many applications as you want to with more than 400 applications using their one-click installer tool which saves your maximum time.
  • Free Website Builder: It is possible to build the website on your own for you as well as your clients with the free website builder tool. You don’t need to have the knowledge of programming or coding. With the drag and drop feature, you can create your website in few minutes and launch it immediately.
  • Datacenter Choice: It is possible to select the datacenter as per your preference from multiple locations such as USA, UK, India, Australia, Singapore and Canada.
  • Malware Scan and Protection:They ensure that no malware or virus affects your website with their malware scan and removal tool. This tool scans yourwebsite continuously for any malware or virus and if any of them is detected, it is immediately removed.
  • Email Service: Setup a professional business email id and use the browser based Webmail to access emails from anywhere. Webmail offers support to the POP3/IMAP email accounts.
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Thus, you can see that MilesWeb helps you to start with your web hosting business easily by offering you all the features needed.