What is process digitization?

What is process digitization?

What is process digitization, and how is it different from digital transformation?

Digitization and digital transformation are often used as synonyms, although they are not. To understand it more clearly, we have created this article where we tell you what the digitization of processes is and the main differences with the concept of digital transformation. Let’s start!

What is process digitization?

Process digitization, in most cases in business, refers to improving business processes, functions, and operations by taking advantage of new technology provided by the digital space.

It allows configuring new systems in digitalization to facilitate business and achieve all the benefits that the company may have in mind.

Digitized businesses can lead to new opportunities and greater scope for business growth. On average, digitization in this world is seen as the intermediate step toward digital transformation and creating digital revenue streams.

Some processes that are part of digitization are:

• Move documents or pdf files to a cloud to be able to share this information with other teams.
• Use of tools to generate reports that allow the improvement of future projects.

Digitization: the first step towards digital transformation

It is a concept used only in English to refer to the first step on the road to digital transformation. What this term refers to is the transformation of something analog into digital. Some examples can be:

• Scan invoices or documents
• Transfer written documents to Word sheets

By digitizing existing data and processes, existing data and processes are transformed into digital data; process digitization encompasses the ability of digital technology to capture and evaluate data to make better business decisions and enable new business models.

Digitization of processes vs. digital transformation

Digital transformation implies at least two things. First to transform, and second to do it to adapt to the current world (to the digital world). It focuses on a search for faster and more efficient digital growth.

Digital transformation marks a radical conversion in how a business uses technology, people, and processes to change business performance fundamentally.

  • It focuses on information processing, while digital transformation seeks to harness knowledge.
  • Digitization seeks to automate existing operations and processes and digital transformation to change the company’s culture in how it works and thinks.
  • This works with computer systems and applications and digital transformation with disruptive technologies.

The digitization of processes can help in the Digital Transformation, but it is not the same, nor does it have to be the only way. The important thing is to transform and adapt to the digital age user.

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