Why is TamilRockers in the news again?

Why is TamilRockers in the news again?

What is TamilRockers?

TamilRockers is a very popular piracy website in the state of Tamilnadu. TamilRockers brings new movies and content to Tamil audiences and is focused mainly on the region of Tamilnadu.

This is the same website that leaked the latest movie Vikram on its platform. Because of this, it made headlines on every news channel. As Vikram is a very big budget movie and had a lot of potential to generate a lot of money but that is now in question due to the hampering TamilRockers in their source of generating revenue, by making it free for the audience to watch on their platform.

What are the benefits of TamilRockers?

As we live in the world of paid streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus Hotstar, HBO Max, and many more we know that they put peer pressure on our pockets with their yearly subscription amount which you need to pay to get access to their content. In simple words, it is not free.

It will cost you money to watch their content online and their download facility will not allow you to share the content from your device to another device for you to watch the content in some other place in your free time. For example, you cannot transfer the downloaded files from your laptop to your mobile phone. Here lies the benefit of TamilRockers. TamilRockers brings the content, you have to pay for otherwise, for free to you on their platform. And unlike any other Torrent services, it is focused on the Tamil language so you can find Bollywood Tamil dubbed movies easily.

How is this different from the top 5 streaming services?

It is a world of streaming services and online content. We have said our goodbye to DVDs, before that we have said that to CDs and before that to VCRs. We are now here in a fully digital world. And the capitalistic side of the world that understands business, knows very well how to make money in this era of streaming services.
Let us discuss the five streaming giants of today’s world and how TamilRockers is different than them:

● Netflix

Netflix is the most popular streaming service on this planet. It does have its presence almost everywhere around the globe. So popular that it has almost become a cult. People are used to the proverb ‘Netflix and chill’, ‘Netflix the weekend away’, and many more.

● Amazon Prime Video

Under Jeff Bezos’s leadership, Amazon Prime video has caught up with Netflix real quick. It is also very popular among youth users and is a really big platform in the Indian subcontinent. It has many great original services to its name which are desi in nature, and that’s why people are loving it and Amazon Prime video is getting more and more.

● HBO Max

Another popular platform is HBO Max with one of the greatest original series, True Detective and Game of Thrones.

● Disney Plus Hotstar

Hotstar tab has turned into Disney Plus Hotstar also catching up with other streaming Giants in the rays with their Marvel movie collections and other desi contents, specially made for the Indian audience

● Hulu

Hulu is a new name on the list of streaming giants and is performing very well and catching up with the others truly greatly.

But all of them lack work TamilRockers can provide to its audience due to its prime focus on the Tamil audience it provides Tamil dubbed movies that are original in other languages which are rare on these other streaming services and that too for free.

How do TamilRockers work?

TamilRockers is an illegal website that brings you the copyright-protected content for free which you would have to pay for otherwise, had you watched them on any other streaming services

How to use TamilRockers?

TamilRockers is not banned in India so you don’t need any VPN to get access to their website just simply search for TamilRockers on Google and you’ll be taken to their homepage where you can find a list of your favorite movies that are relieved of featured in a very sorted manner you can select from them or you can search for them in their dedicated search bar.

Final thoughts:

TamilRockers is very up-to-date and always brings all the newly released movies at your fingertips for you to touch the download button and enjoy it with your family or alone on the weekend.

But as it is an illegal website, bringing the content for free to you, somehow is hampering the revenue that could be generated by the shows in the movie theaters that would ultimately benefit the producers and the artists. Apart from that, it is a free website that provides free content like Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Tamil dubbed Bollywood movies, and Telugu and Tamil movies that are not available on any other streaming services.

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