What is a WordPress Web?

WordPress was initially launched as a blog-publishing forum by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Later on, it evolved as a tool for creating websites.

Now, WordPress is considered the most strong and in-demand tool in the world that aids the creation of websites. It is a diverse online platform that enables the users to create a variety of websites; be it a blog or portfolio, e-commerce, or a static business website.

A WordPress Web is basically a website that makes use of WordPress as its Content Management System (CMS). It serves as an engine that pumps the website from both the front and back end. It works on the physical presentation of a website as well as the overall user experience.

How is it different from the standard Web?

Technically, WordPress operates as an “Open Source Content Management System,” that is registered under GPLv2. It enables the users to modify the software; and that too for free!

Creating a website requires proficient technical and designing skills, but with WordPress, there are no compulsions.

WordPress Web Development is a simple, easy, and stress-free way of designing websites.

It Development allows you to choose your website’s theme from a variety of free designs. You could easily create your website without getting into the complexity of coding.

As for traditional websites, you need to connect with the server and get into all the tech-savvy coding stuff. WordPress is not like traditional desktop software. It runs online, allowing you to use it anywhere with an internet connection. Moreover, WordPress Web Development also allows you to shift your site’s hosting to any other hosting service anytime.

Perks of WordPress Web Development

Absolutely free

WordPress, an open-source software, is available for free on WordPress.org. However, it would be best if you still had a domain name and web hosting; that you could buy from any reputable firm.

Flexible and Adaptable

By virtue of its diverse features, Web Press Development allows one to create a website of any category, be it a personal blog, online shop, magazine,  or multinational corporation. Adding to this is the software’s adaptability. It is adaptable to users’ and corporations’ changing needs.

User Friendliness

Creating websites using WordPress is a stress-free process, owing to its easy-to-use features; its mobile-friendliness, and easy-to-operate user interface.

Without using any technical expertise, a website can be created using simple features of WordPress Web Development. Additionally, the site’s adaptability to mobile devices helps to target more audiences.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the Website

It provides an exemplary code base for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website. The SEO of a website helps it to gain search engine rankings and to appear prominently over SERPs  ( Search Engine Result Pages).

WordPress offers various tools and plug-ins for content optimization; with that, the constant updates also enable the site to rank high on search engines.

Enhanced Website Speed

The solid framework of WordPress Web Development enhances a website’s speed by continuously removing “bloating codes.” These ‘codes’ slow down the website’s loading speed. It also allows its users to optimize the website’s features to increase its loading speed.

Customized Menus

With the providence of a variety of themes and multiple plug-ins, the WordPress Web Development lets you customize everything on your website according to your choice and convenience. You could fine-tune your site’s appearance and could add as many plug-ins you want,  that are supposed to perform specialized functions. In this way, you could customize your site’s presentation and navigation menu.

WordPress Web Development

We have compiled a step-by-step process of WordPress Web Development for you to make your own professional website conveniently!

Step 1: Choose Your Website’s Name, Buy a Domain, and Hosting

The first step is to choose a name for your website and purchase a domain. Since about 2 billion websites are operating online, originality and uniqueness in the content are a must.

Your domain’s name is your website’s address, and it should be unique yet short, easy to memorize, and must-have niche-related keywords in it.

Now, you need to buy your Website’s domain and Hosting. There are many companies from which you could buy your domain. Bluehost is one of those hosting service providers that’s also recommended by WordPress. After establishing the domain’s name, you have to make an account for your site’s hosting. You could choose a hosting plan according to your budget and needed features.

Step 2: Setup and Installation of WordPress software

After signing up and getting your hosting set-up ready on Bluehost or any other hosting service, now you need to install the WordPress software. You’ll receive your login details and link via e-mail.

After signing in, you could install the WordPress software on your desired hosting set-up. Enter your details, log in to your WordPress account, and now, your site is finally launched.

Step 3: Select a WordPress Theme for your Website

The physical appearance of your website matters the most!

You can choose any theme according to your niche and preferences from a wide range of themes. The interesting feature is that these themes are interchangeable! You could change the site’s theme any time you want, and this wouldn’t affect your site’s content.

Step4: Learn WordPress Dashboard

Now, that your website is ready to function, you could spot a dashboard. The WordPress Admin Dashboard is a service area that allows you to monitor the overview of your website.

The dashboard encompasses multiple categories, where every category offers different features. The Dashboards Menu, Screen Options, Drafting options, and other different aspects by which you could customize and monitor your website. So, one must learn the dashboard and know its features to carry out efficient optimization of his website.

Step 5: Install Plug-ins to extend your Website’s features

WordPress Web Development provides more than 49,000 free plug-ins. The WordPress Web Development plug-ins play the same role as the apps do on your phone!

Installing plug-ins help you to enhance the website’s features.


Development through WordPress saves you from a lot of hassles and technical complications. It’s, in fact, a quick and convenient approach for website creation.

Creating a website is simpler than ever now by WordPress Web Development!

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