How to Save WordPress Website from Malicious Ads and Backdoors

How to Save WordPress Website from Malicious Ads and Backdoors


Website hacking is not only limited to WordPress only because other CMS websites can also be hacked. If we are talking about WordPress websites, we know that there are lots of factors that are making a WordPress website more vulnerable to hackers. In these factors, there come weak passwords, poor hosting service, outdated version of the WordPress CMS, the use of outdated plugins and themes, etc. Nowadays, hackers are performing lots of activities after hacking websites. They are trying to disrupt the services on your website. They try to harm your reputation. They can also steal credit card information from your website.

What Are Backdoors In The WordPress Websites?

Before saving the WordPress websites from these backdoors, we should try to know these backdoors. A backdoor is a way that hackers are using to get access to your website without getting authentication from the website owner. After getting access to a website, the website owners leave a backdoor. This backdoor allows hackers to get access to the website again. Most developers think that they can get rid of these vulnerabilities just by cleaning the website. They should know that even cleaning the website, there are some chances of vulnerabilities in your website. The hackers use the following backdoors to get access to WordPress websites;

  • They can upload a backdoor script on your WordPress website. This backdoor script loads malware hacks in your website.
  • They can add the hidden admin in the WordPress CMS.
  • They can send the PHP code to your WordPress website.
  • They can also collect personal information from your WordPress website by using spammy techniques.
  • They can also get access to your WordPress website by sending spammy emails.

How to Save a WordPress Website from Malicious Ads and Backdoors?

The hackers are using an illegal way to get unauthorized access to a WordPress website. If you don’t find and remove vulnerabilities in your WordPress website, you can’t save your website from malicious ads and backdoors. Some essential tips to save your website from the malicious ads and backdoors are given below;

Detect And Remove Inactive WP-Themes:

Now, hackers are very smart. They know that if they try to get access to your WordPress website by targeting the current theme, they will be easily detected. That’s why they are finding the inactive or old versions of the themes to get access to your website. Its reason is that these themes are not safe and they are providing easy access to the hackers to get access. Moreover, these themes are also providing easy access to hackers to inject the codes. After creating the new version of a theme, the developers don’t provide support to the old version of the theme. Therefore, when a hacker injects code into the old version of the theme, this will not be detected. Therefore, if you want to save your website from hackers, you should try to detect and remove the inactive WP-themes from your website. If you don’t like to remove a theme, you should try to download the current version of the theme.


Studies by a dissertation help firm show that some hackers try to get access to your WordPress website by using WordPress plugins. Its reason is that some backdoors are also hidden in the WordPress plugins. Therefore, you should also try to take an overview of your plugins and try to minimize the backdoors of the hackers. The hackers are getting access to your WordPress website by using plugins for various reasons. First, most people don’t check these plugins regularly. Therefore, it is difficult for them to detect the malicious activities of the hackers in these plugins.

If you want to save your website from malicious attacks, you should visit these plugins regularly. Secondly, most people don’t update these plugins. As a result, they use the old versions of the plugins. These old versions of the plugins are also providing backdoors for hackers to perform malicious activities. By updating these plugins, they can also save their websites from malicious attacks. Thirdly, if you have installed poorly coded plugins on your website, this thing can also give access to hackers. You should uninstall all the poorly coded plugins from your website.

Upload Directory:

After installing the website on WordPress, some WordPress users upload lots of media files in their upload directory. This activity of the WordPress users can also create a backdoor in their websites. Its reason is that after uploading lots of media files, it is difficult for the users to check these media files. The hackers install a malicious media file in your WordPress website. After installing this malicious media file, they can get easy access to your website. To save your website from these kinds of backdoors, you should limit the media files. Moreover, you should also detect these media files regularly.


This is the most sensitive file in WordPress. Its reason is that if hackers get access to this file, they can do anything on your website that they can want. After getting access to this file, they can get access to the username, password, hostname, etc. No doubt, this is the sensitive information on your WordPress website. Moreover, it is also difficult for you to detect this kind of malicious activity on your website. After getting access to your website by using this file, the hackers create a backdoor to regain access. Therefore, you should try to make this file as secure as you can.

The WP-includes Directory:

This is the core installation directory on the WordPress website. The hackers can also use this directory to create backdoors on your website. Its reason is that in this directory some core files are present. These core files are with the extension of .php. The hackers also create malicious files with this extension. These malicious files look like original files. When you install any file in this directory, this file will also work as a backdoor for the hackers. If you want to save your WordPress website from this kind of hacking attack, you should be very careful while installing the files into this directory.

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